Models might not look like real people, but believe me they put their panties on one leg at a time (30 Photos)

Via Widelec

  • Highwater Henry

    Damn anorexic, no hump havin, airbrushed, hungry white girls.

  • here

    who is #13?

    • weeew

      #13 is Selita Ebanks

  • TBrady12

    #26 yep thats mine.
    Sincerely, Tom Brady

  • Lou

    #13 Moar please!

  • Kyle

    #5 #14 #17 #28

  • DrewskiDrew

    #6 Butter Face

  • Guest

    Granted many of the women here are very skinny. That is what they are paid for. If they want to take someones money to be skinny, well that is up to them. However skinny they are or are not, I have to say that 99% of them are still beautiful to look at. That being said, for those that like curves and a touch of meat, #23 Irina Shayk has both.
    But when it is all said and done, while the majority of these women are nice to look at, I would still rather be with a girl next door, blue blooded, hot as hell chivette.

  • Slim Jim

    the chivettes blow away these girls.

  • @realcenario

    OMG! Find out who is your Naruto character:

  • mmiller

    #9 #12 #27 mother of god

  • GoLdEnR0D

    MOAR #16

  • Skedaddle

    Who is #11 #13?

  • VS

    TBrady12 not who you say u are. #26 is not yours, last I checked Gisele was toms not Heidi.

  • WTF

    panties they just stick plasters on there slits ?wtf get a room

  • chivingchiver

    Miranda Kerr is amazing… #4 #8 #28
    also what is the name of #5? I forgot it >.<

  • James Munn

    #20 Find her…

  • VS

    Chivingchiver – #5????? Lol. Miranda Kerr.

  • ItsInTheAir

    Google search makes it easy to find these gorgeous women.

    #16 is Ewelina Olczak

    #26 is Heidi Klum not Gisele Bundchen to that guy up there.

    #29 is Doutzen Kroes

  • Chivette

    #28 and #30 are probably the only non photoshopped pics on this post.

  • Beeneverywhere

    This was quite a challenge but #14 wins best pudendum!

  • Joe

    Heidi Klum for epic tits of the decade!

  • troy

    #7 #12 #27 amizzzzing hot babes

  • xyz

    The same anorexic skinny bitches. Far more beautiful girls u pass by every day.

    • tadpole

      Eat a sandwich!!! maybe two!

  • Big JR

    #2 – that is all

  • Anonymous

    Who is number 15

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