Random facts you can use to impress your friends (55 Photos)

They won’t care, for the record. But go ahead and try….

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  • Allan

    I thought it was counter clockwise not anti

    • Brad

      folks in the uk and australia refer to it as “anti”. Not sure why.

  • Matt

    Koalas aren’t even bears, they are marsupials…bad work Internet

  • Anonymous

    The Vw bug was not hitlers idea. And what the hell is anti clockwise?! Jesus Christ!!!

    • Nick

      the beetle was very much hitlers idea…google it
      Anti clockwise= not clockwise

      • Anonymous

        Counter clockwise you fool anti clockwise would mean it didn’t move at all

      • Anonymous

        Counter clockwise you fool anti clockwise would mean it didn’t move at all fucking cunts

  • jaminboy13

    Some are true, some are not. Like # 17, earthworms actually do not have hearts, but organs that act similarly. Random fact for the day.

  • Danny

    I don't think any of these are true.

  • UnKnoWn

    To Facebook Generation – Don't believe in everything that Chive posts..
    These facts are for fun..

  • time4taco

    what a dick #18

  • danmac

    What if #34 is missing the "r" in letters? Sadly, I was afraid to ask just in case it was a word that I thought was "letters" but it was really "steelt" or something…

  • Renaldo

    #43 I’m never exercising again.

  • R.Pgh

    alligators are so angry because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush

  • NCHedonists

    #52 is wrong. It's the mosquito that is the world's most dangerous animal. Malaria, dengue fever, etc.

  • Owais

    Fuck you chive this isn’t even funny,are you this desperate you started posting shit out of your gay ass?????

  • fit'ri akmal

    u left the letter 'r' in the word 'letters' in post #34

  • Unknown

    #21 Is a myth. Just saying.

  • AGP

    #33 makes no sense. In space there is no standard reference frame so if you look at the planet “from the top” it rotates one way and if u view it “from the bottom” it will rotate the other way. Space doesn’t have a standard reference frame any more than North is always “up”. Its just convention. So saying it’s rotating clockwise is a misnomer.

    • Spens

      In science, like engineering, the standard view is the top, not the bottom, so in relation to all the other planets while viewing from the top, the planets rotate counter-clockwise or if u are in Europe, anti-clockwise (except Venus)

      Also, hitler commissioned vw to make the beetle so that people in Germany would have cheap economical cars so that they could drive on his new autobahn, as evil as hitler was, he was a political and economical genius

  • cory

    Oh no it's not 😉

  • fleur

    the word letter in number 34 is misspelled. thought that was funny.

  • John

    Koala BEAR?
    A Koala is a marsupial, a mammal, a herbavore, even a phascolarctidae. What it is NOT is a friggen bear!


    #3: yea, but size doesn't matter, right?


    #33: figures – its the only "female" of the lot!!!!


    #46: guess that's why we're so crazy!

  • Anonymous

    Ok #19 if u reread it does state “some” ribbion worms and that is indeed true.

  • alex

    #34 "letters" is missing an 'r', right?

  • john

    35 is actually i have read the terms and agreements

  • Always Last


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