Take a trip down memory lane (35 Photos)

  • Randi

    #18 I had a penguin run from ages 2-5 and it was my favorite toy. I googled it two weeks ago to try and find one to show my fiancé and can’t believe it’s here on the Chive! I miss that toy!

  • Aaron G

    #35….Hardest god damn level!!!

  • Anonymous

    #34 thuy trand, the yellow ranger chic died 2001 from a car accident…….R.I.P

    • Anonymous

      *Thuy trang*…sorry

  • VanessaVeeeee

    I fucking hated the water temple.

  • jason

    Is it wrong that I still have #22 in a box along with the rest of the characters??

  • James Munn

    #28 Check out Val Kilmer today….

    • Tavist

      Check out ALL the cast today!

  • J-DAK

    Blue ranger is in jail for murder. He apparently murdered an elderly couple on his sailboat. The elderly couple were thinking about purchasing his boat so he took them out for a ride and dumped em in the ocean…..dont know how true this actually is but i read it somewhere

  • Simon

    Damn, Austin St. John let himself go.

    I know that Thuy Trang died in '01 but that girl is cute.

  • Jerry

    Tommy the green ranger fights MMA here in Houston,Tx. All his fight are rigged and he is a douch

  • Yousuck

    Almost all of this stuff is from the '90s moron

  • its_forge

    #4 Yes!! Swimming in a giant tub of plastic balls coated with urine and feces! Yay!!

  • Rissa

    #31 All the time. I think I'll do that right now 🙂

  • Stevo

    I have #2 #12 & #26

  • Dickle

    For some reason the "squeeze it" really took me back to some memories. Wow. Amazing that when looking at something like that a few memories long forgotten, put in storage compartment of you mind somwhere Come back and make you feel warm and fuzzy for a few minutes.

  • Jarod

    #20- BREAKIN'!!!!!

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