The Irish KCCO’s have returned!

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irish kcco The Irish KCCOs have returned!

The shirt that crashed a thousand servers has returned. Thanks to all the Chivers for their patience. And thanks so much to our manufacturer for working around the clock to bring another round of these shirts to life.

Important Note: In order to ensure delivery, please choose the UPS shipping option!

St. Paddy’s day KCCO available right here.

Good luck!


  • Derek

    Please keep things the way they are. It may not be the DAR, but reading the posts on shirt day, priceless! Hahahaha Bitches!

  • anthony thesing

    wtf do you guys make like 100 t shirts at a time?

  • Dreski

    Got mine! F5 for the fuckin WIN!

    • DEEZNUTS!!!!!!!


  • KCCOinTO

    Just bought one on ebay.. I would have bought THREE but the money went to someone else but you guys at Chive! WHY YOU NO LIKE MONEY CHIVE?

  • Patrick

    Nothing Irish about a 4 leaf colver. Shamrocks you fools!

  • horncusker

    HA – this = WIN – XL still available…

  • David

    Freeking awesome, sat in my Medieval History class today mid lecture clicking refresh with my Droid and purchased it! KCCO!

  • Tuck

    First time Chivette of Oklahoma got one!
    Will submit pics when it comes in!😉

  • yourdaddy

    KCCO Peeps! Found it Online, Screw the Douchbags Scamming on eBay, I was first one to bid on one, $30 Bucks > Max Bid $50 and like 10 Secs later, "Outbid" WTF??? Now at $95 Dollars!!???

  • yourdaddy

    <div style="text-align:center;line-height:150%"><img src="; alt="St Paddy's KCCO-Keep-Calm-Chive-On T-Shirt shirt" style="border:0;" />St Paddy's KCCO-Keep-Calm-Chive-On T-Shirt by <a href="*">mexiteezView more <a href="">Kcco T-Shirts</div>

    • reebus this is is the sad way out. A true chiver would never sport a fake

  • Chive this!

    Done trying, purchased the unofficial KCCO shirt on ebay only $37 for two!

  • Hondasport

    I’m Irish and still can’t win

  • john

    i might have an extra women's small… if u live in so cal let me know. comment below

  • Ms Chivette

    Thanks guys for posting shirts, Tried getting one in the morning and got kicked off! Got one for my self, and one for my hubby!

    <img src="; alt="KCCO St Paddys Tshirt On Sale Keep Calm & Chive On shirt" style="border:0;" />

  • Ms Chivette

    Link >>

    No Server errors! So peeps KCCO!!

  • sundevilsoul

    KC&CO Everyone: Just copy the image and google custom shirts in your zipcode, then have them make a custom shirt for less than $20! Stay local everyone, and don’t stress out, that way you get a shirt for less and when you want it. I DO WHAT I WANT!

  • No Shirt

    HA!!! I'm going to buy a knockoff brand of this really awesome website I love, and even show others how to do this too, just so this really awesome website will suffer. I'm still willing to carry your branding on my chest but not willing to pay you for it. Because you are TOO awesome. Rawr!! Feel my MALICE!!CAPS@!! And probably continue to patronize . F*ck you awesome website!! F*ck your awesome DAR's!! F*ck your awesome Mind the Gap Monday's!!! F*ck it all, and I hope you choke on your entertainment you never forced me to pay a penny for!!

    I hope some of the ones that commented here are embarrassed with what they have written come tomorrow. I understand getting a shirt somewhere because you truly love the brand, and want to proudly represent them, but don't be an all encompassing, self righteous ass about it. You are not the internet vigilante,

    Didn't get a shirt. Still love the Chive. Going for a(nother) beer.

    That's how you KCCO.

    • No Shirt

      I understand getting a shirt somewhere [else] because you truly love the brand, and want to proudly represent them, but don't be an all encompassing, self righteous ass about it. You are not the internet vigilante.

  • YoungTurk

    Keep Calm and Build on Shirt in the video o.O

  • twotents61

    Sold out 15 seconds after they go on sale? This is bullshit, keep your shirts, I'm done trying.

  • Alli

    Finally got mine! Acted like they sold out the first second I clicked add to cart and took about five attempts, but got it and my sister got hers. She joked that people would go nuts for KCCO colostomy bags if they had them. I think she’s not far off. I was thinking I’d need a KCCO straight jacket trying to get my shirt =O

  • Erin

    We got our KCCO shirts after several attempts yesterday! Finally!!

  • Keep Calm and Sell Out

    So they only printed 4000 to meet the deadline? What about the original KCCO or BFM that stay out of stock? What holiday are they saving them for?

  • RJW

    I think I’ve given up all hope now of ever gettin a KCCO shirt.. I have spent countless minutes tryin to buy one of those shirts… I live in Ireland… Does that hamper my chances of buyin a shirt…:( ??

  • http://na J-Child

    Got mine! Can’t wait togo out in it! Im hoping it will get me laid! I haven’t been touched by a woman since i’ve gotten back from Nam. I got a hooker once, but it turned out to be that tranny that eddie Murphy picked up a few years ago. Very convincing.

  • Jarrod

    Finally got mine, granted it wont come to after St. Paddies Day I could care less. Thought the server crashed on me after pressing the purchase button but it came right back and I got the confirmation email. Lifes Good for a Red Head KCCO

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