The Irish KCCO’s have returned!

irish kcco The Irish KCCOs have returned!

The shirt that crashed a thousand servers has returned. Thanks to all the Chivers for their patience. And thanks so much to our manufacturer for working around the clock to bring another round of these shirts to life.

Important Note: In order to ensure delivery, please choose the UPS shipping option!

St. Paddy’s day KCCO available right here.

Good luck!


  • Guillermo

    got my knock off! kcco πŸ˜€

  • Dan

    Their stock sucks soooo bad….how can you only get shirts in every few weeks, if that…..ughhhh, guess Ill just have to wait till next time to try again

  • Paw

    Sold Out by 3:00:59est….. Fail!!!

  • Mike

    I think this is all a giant plot – these shirts never existed, it's all photoshop…

    • Me,

      Nah, I got one. LMAO

  • Sad Chiver

    mens medium and large sold out in first 3 minutes =/ my comp wasnt fast enough for it

  • Mailbox killer

    It’s the chive they sell out before they go on sale

  • the bee

    wow, had 2 in the cart but it wouldn't take payment info, kept trying by the time it did somehow my cart was empty… good one

  • yourdaddy
  • TheFinder
  • Me,

    Listen guys,
    You give everyone a shirt and it becomes less important. I've been trying to get a shirt for fucking ever, and only got one this past time. You want it, buy it off ebay or wait your shit out here. Stop this useless bitching though. You call yourselves Chivers and yet you bitch and moan over not having a shirt? Cry me a river guys.

    Keep doing what you do Chive, I support you with…or without a fucking shirt.

  • reebus

    too all the angry and frustrated chivers out there,

    After reading all of your angry comments, i have to agree with everything you said and pointed out. Ive been at this for about 2 years now and everytime they came out with a kcco original and irsh ( the past 2 attempts) i too was flippnig the bird and threatening to leave the site we all love so much ( admit it). We all know we say we're going to peace the eff out, but we all know the moment they come out with the shirt again, that we will all frantically return for another attempt. You will all eventually get one just like i did.

    Now as for me, 15 shirts in my hand and ebay here come!!

    • smileysister122

      You are a Giant ASS!!!! I have tried to get a shirt for 2 weeks and didn`t! that is a LONG TIME DUDE!! Now I will have to go the JB concert and no one will know I like the chive and be able to tell I am cool…..How much do you want for a shirt? I will pay you with favors from my down syndrom sister, she will just lay there and you can do whatever you want, she always does service with a smile!

    • CathyinDallas

      You bought 15? You're probably the same selfish ass that takes the last cookie in the breakroom, that cuts people off in traffic, the d-bag that walks away from the blinking copier rather than add paper…the ass that leaves gym equipment sweaty and dribbles pee on the seat at work. I hope all of your ebay customers leave you shitty feedback.

      • reebus

        relaaax… i was only kidding lol. You honestly think i i was able to snag 15? i had problems getting 1 in 2 yrs of fighting the servers πŸ˜›

        but i have to give you hats down on the comment you left πŸ˜‰ definitely NOT the guy with horrific driving skills.. i aint asian πŸ™‚

      • reebus

        and if the chive gods smiled on me with 15 shirts, id find 15 awesome chiver/chivettes and give them away. Anyone who stopped me with "chive on!!" id walk over to them and hand them out πŸ˜‰

        not a d-bag thing to do right? πŸ™‚

  • Fern

    I just printed 10 high quality Irish KCCO shirts! Selling them to my friends. I got a couple chive shirts the other week. $2 shirts for sure, so thin and the wrinkle like a mowfocker. Never buying from chivary again

  • Etalicus

    sad day not suppose to arrive till monday after st. pats 😦

  • Falconfan

    I got a confirmation email and never got my shirt. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a problem with second batch shipment? I paid the extra shipping costs to ensure its arrival by St Patricks day. Help me out here please.

  • Kirin

    I was so stocked to have been able to order my kcco shit, only to have it, Not arrive for St. Patrick's day 😦 epic fail….

    Sad Chivette from Canada

  • Elisangela

    I was wondering why my blog stats had shot up (aside from my blog post about the Loire Valley, which for some rseoan gets me the most visitors every day if you’re one of them, I

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