Things I’d miss if the world ended today (40 photos) – SESSION CLOSED

Mass Effect 3 and theCHIVE started Monday off with a heartwarming list of things and people you wouldn't miss if this word ended today. Let's finish the week asking the opposite question. Who are the people, places, and things you WOULD miss if the world ended today?
Submit your photos to endofdayschive [at] gmail [dot] com and we'll post the best ones as they come.



  • Jtrain

    Your mom

  • omare

    I'd miss the sh@tstorm that is evident when shirts go on sale here…

  • Scott


  • oliverklosov

    Definitely #4


      I miss Emma Stone when I go to sleep at night

      • PDiddily420

        That's when she and I spend our best times together. lol

        • KeepCalmDriveOn

          With only a computer screen keeping you apart.

          • MICHAEL

            Bwahahaha. Isn't that the truth

          • PDiddily420

            I was talking about in my dreams, the computer is for during the day.

  • Bullshit

    Another marketing disaster for the chive. The t-shirt bullshit continues.

    • rikfucknmoranis

      dont hate bro i got 10 on ebay if you want one…..

      just kidding im a loyal chiver that only bought his 1

      • Albus Q

        2:00 CST hitting refresh every 30 seconds and the shirt comes up. Jump in start placing order for three. Step one complete, go to step 2, CRASH, refresh, still crashed, refresh, still crashed, refresh… SOLD OUT!!!! 2:01 CST *SMH* guess I'll give up on buying Chive shirts from now on.

        • Jaba

          Hmmm, I bought mine at 12:24 PST.

    • KeepCalmDriveOn

      Or a marketing success if some of the ebay sellers are getting $100 a shirt because they're sharing the money with the site owners. This would make sense seeing as they only sell a limited number on here each time. Hmm…

    • Brian

      It's a fucking t shirt, man.

    • Andyyyyyyy

      You just don't have the luck of the Irish. So quit your boo-hooing

  • Pat C.

    a fucking KCCO shirt


    Ice cold delicious cold beer

  • weaksauce

    90% user generate content based website that fails to deliver on the goods it sells back to those same users.

    • dmac

      Who forced you to go to this site and post a comment?

      • weaksauce

        The gun standing next to me with the gun, he makes me do things. Terrible things.

        • weaksauce

          He also causes typo's, i'm just so scared. 😛

  • Verbal_Kint

    I'd miss DAR and FLBP quite a bit.

  • 3209


  • Scottmac34

    I can tell you what I would not miss, you assholes fucking me over for a cool add t-shirt. Get your shit together Chive. SOGTFU

  • impatrickgimmeshirt

    gimme the shirt.

  • echogeo

    Emma Stone, Keeley Hazel, Jordan Carver, Kate Upton…

    • Lowrent75

      Rosie Jones?

      • echogeo

        Rosie Jones, Kelly Brook, Monique Luchese, Lidia Barbieri Françoise Boufhal, Alexandra Kroha, Sofia Vergara, Britten Kelly…and so on and so on…

        • Lowrent75

          Just making sure to cover/uncover all of the bases. If you leave one out they get all upset.

  • daveeh

    lol @ KCCO shirts

  • Woody

    Cheeseburgers and Tequila

  • etcrr sucks

    I would not miss reading stupid unoriginal comments from Stan / etcrr.

  • Nickismad

    KCCO Shirts ya Nazi's

  • dwide schrude

    I think its ironic all these people are raging so hard trying to get a shirt that says keep CALM.

    • weaksauce

      Its funny this websites motto is counter to the effects it clearly knows it has on people with its bussiness practices based on false scarcity. 😉

      • not stan

        It's basic supply and demand economics. You permeate the market with your product and demand drops. You release a limited supply and keep demand peaking. By owning the "scarce" resource, they can behave more as a monopolistic firm, rather than a firm in a competitive market. Sucks for people like me that can't ever get a shirt, but it makes a hell of a lot of business sense, so I'll just keep calm and chive on.

    • Jayveetoo

      Alanis should totally write a song about this….

  • LoyalLAChiver

    I can't tell if its marketing genius, us bringing down their servers or the shirts are just that damn popular. I'm going to show up at your Venice office and buy one in person.

    • Trying to KCCO

      That seems like it's the only way to get a shirt around here.


    turbos, orgasms and fruitrollups

    • Nickismad


  • Woody

    Not many people keeping calm in here….

  • Felcus

    Don't change the subject, Chive 🙂

  • Evan Almighty

    i said it before & I'll say it again…we just need to KEEP CALM and Go Fuck Ourselves.

  • *dash*

    yup #4 emma was the first thing that came to my mind

    • Aran

      you mean #41

  • psully23

    you know what i wouldn't miss? all the douchers that buy the KCCO shirts then turn and sell them for $90 on ebay. SUCK DICK ASSHOLES!

    • TDub66

      The real ASSHOLES are the ones who actually pay that much for a fucking tee shirt….hmmmm?

      • psully23

        so how many have you sold on ebay then?

    • maraloc

      Just makre your own then.

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