Things I’d miss if the world ended today (40 photos) – SESSION CLOSED

Mass Effect 3 and theCHIVE started Monday off with a heartwarming list of things and people you wouldn't miss if this word ended today. Let's finish the week asking the opposite question. Who are the people, places, and things you WOULD miss if the world ended today?
Submit your photos to endofdayschive [at] gmail [dot] com and we'll post the best ones as they come.



  • mittens

    Read it again, slower. It doesn't say, "Things I missed after the world ended."

  • Binnsy

    Thumbs up for #40! Alberta!

  • otter

    WTF is #30? Thanks for burning that image in my brain.

  • The Mad Zak

    Nope. Don't miss him now.

  • Plow

    #28- true

  • maraloc

    If the world ends we would all be dead so we wouldn't really miss anything.

  • John

    would NOT miss 17 (gross)

  • whaaaaat

    wish we didn't have to put up a new gallery just to sponsor an investor.

  • Bumhugs

    I would miss the end of all of those damn 7 and 10 and 12 and 20 book series that I've been waiting for almost my entire life. I would miss alcohol. And all animals from the ones I love to the ones I eat. That's it. Everything else can burn to ash. Especially JLo.

  • Oddie Monsta

    I would miss Mass Effect 3, that games awesome.

  • Mon

    WTF. No one seemed to miss family or friends??awesome locations around the world????other animals except dogs and cats and random panda?

  • Furdurp

    Yaking on the Juniata with me boys.

  • shnugs

    For people who come here a lot, there sure is a lot of hate over a fkn t-shirt.


    #28 definitely!!! and #4 in this order

  • bob

    #8 whats with the guy in the middle?

  • c-man

    #32 lake kootenay lake!! shout out to nelson chivers

    • Allscool

      Good on BC Boys

  • @JoshDWReeve


  • Sleezychips

    #9= best beer in the entire universe!

    • Missoula

      Bullshit. Kettlehouse Double Haul IPA is better.

    • hoofhearted

      No that would be Shiner Bock

  • Gallus

    #17 – I'd miss that, too!

  • evets63

    #32 definitely. Looks like Lake George, NY

  • Nate_man2020

    Who is #41? Beautiful eyes…

  • Marcus

    I’ll miss #14 and #25 for sure

  • Abraxas

    #30 is either european or canadian!

  • Swerves88

    I know the guy on the left in picture 8

  • Matt

    So glad everyone posted up where the burger is from. Soon as I saw that I got hungry and didn’t care about anything else in post. Gotta find an in and out around Cincinnati

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