• tst4eko

    Freaking AWESOME!!

  • Dickspatch

    Burn it

  • Jared S

    this is my kid…i dont know how i am going to make it happen…but i will find him and adopt him…i will give up my twenties to hang out with this kid!

    • Guest

      stop being gay, jared

      • Jared S

        erroneous! erroneous on both counts!….or just the one..

  • hricane23

    I saw it on the internet… must be true.

  • jill

    #2 got the weirdest boner right now

  • Dickspatch
    • Dickspatch


  • Swanky

    Who will be the first to create the flaming space shuttle

    • the_mike

      NASA already has made a couple of them. Yup, went there.

  • meat42

    Future president. Take note Obama.

  • Daysdncnfusd

    I'm still trying to get my brain around the awesome sauce that is a tuxedo made of bacon. ……swoon…..

  • gyr0tron

    Flint 2012

  • bagofrocks

    smart kid

  • Trailer Ray

    in case you guys didnt know, this kid's pretty dang sweet.

  • :{D

    this child has reestablished my faith in humanity

  • Guest

    kid may have wrote it but clearly his dad was telling him what to write.

  • Bombaclot


  • Patrick

    that kids the next dr. suess

  • SomeDudeHere


  • Mike

    This is a Fake!!!!

  • Etalicus

    hahaha fantastic

  • On the square

    Faker than a hookers orgasm

  • McRibIsBack

    Who cares if he was told what to write… That is Awesomesauce!

  • tommytwotime

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! HOLY SHIT!!! Can I adopt this kid??? can you teach their kind to be like this??? I must learn!

  • Yoddle

    This is a strange kid he likes unicorns a little to much

  • prw

    yeah a kid didn't write that but a hipster definitely did.

  • anomicbomb

    That kid can take great dictation from one of his parents

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