• meow

    If I have a kid…I hope he grows up to be like flint

  • Dirty

    Written by kid; force feed by a shitty parent

  • tflo

    i never wanted kids until i saw this

  • p


  • wutdafuk

    Probably Chuck Norris kid

  • Matt

    Calling BS as well. Dictated to a kid by a cool adult, more than likely.

  • guest

    fake faggots

  • MacTheLad

    That’s awesome. The parents must be proud.

  • Jal

    absolutely fake

  • Anonymous

    If you spend you time writing letters from fictional children to fictional weatherman. You are just a troll looking for attention. C’mon Chive! Don’t post this shit! Can we expect a double dose of SC again?

  • Ruck_Over

    All Your Bases Belong to Flint!

  • SaltLakeChiver

    That's what I call having life goals.

  • http://thechive wak

    I thought I was the only one with access to unicorn servants!! wtf!!

  • kirah

    if that is true please make sure that kid pro-creates in 20 years time!!! we need more of him.

  • Dylan

    Even if it's not real, awesome is awesome.

  • Pete

    this is stupid

  • dominantone

    I'd vote for him.

  • H. Olivier

    l wanna be as cool as that meteorologist guy

  • bless1


  • @ItsJustJon

    Still a better love story than Twilight.

  • Anonymous

    I hope my kid is half this awesome lol

  • kelli~belli

    Bang Biscuit!

  • todd

    Either that kid is pro at spelling and grammar for his age or this is fake

  • guest

    No way that's real.. Sorry

  • @hwynjongotti

    god i hope someone draws this awesomeness..

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