No way this kid new words like "supreme" "encrusted" or "engulfed"

    Either that or Im just a dumbass

    • Danny


    • Bran

      Yeah, know way a kid could have enough grammar or spelling in school to no those words or now how to use them correctly.


    I, for one welcome our new Flint overlord.

  • Ninja

    Drugs these days man….

  • Jason

    So basically a throne built for Rin Swanson then…

  • Jason

    Damn sausage fingers,

    So basically a throne built for Ron Swanson then…

  • davo

    my five year old knows all of those words and how to use them, i wouldn’t call it fake on the basis he used some larger words…

  • Da Sandman

    i call bullshit

  • vern-01

    Sorry, but a ‘young’ kid didn’t write this.

  • Alex

    to much sugar at breakfast…………

  • Timmy

    With your permission Sir Flint OverLord, I would like to use your expression of awesomeness – That of a ‘monkey wearing a tuxedo made out of bacon’ I’m still chortling.
    Dude! Ya made my day! KCCO!

  • bjizzle

    Totally fake

  • RalphMo

    I'm buying that kid a beer

  • Milo Bloom

    Just because the kid’s vocabulary, spelling and punctuation are better than yours doesn’t mean it’s faked.

  • That guy choking

    I don’t care wether this is fake or not I laughed so hard I started choking on my food in panera an every one thought I was dying ……… Priceless

  • Maui Brent

    I laughed till i cried – fake or not. Come on, how can you not love "you're more awesome than a monkey wearing a tuxedo made out of bacon…"!!!!

  • Anonymous

    to funny

  • Shat_Thrice

    fucking SENSATIONAL

  • atxdude
  • 'Chard

    This is what the internet has done to children…made them awesome. I say its not faked, but maybe big brother aided in writing a little bit. I used to write crazy stuff like this all the time to celebrities/musicians as a kid.

    Then, the teachers thought I had too much imagination. Now, they yearn for originality from kids. This kid earns cool points from me.

    Never did get a response from Garth Brooks…jackass.

  • Badumbum

    @NemesisEnforcr, any movie is better than Breaking Dawn. This, however, would probably be as inspiring of a movie as Invictus, or any other movie of the inspirational persuasion.


    This kid is destined for greatness. All hail the Supreme Ultra-Lord of the Universe!!

  • daiq

    ooooo that is the cutest thing ever……

  • H20monkey

    Bacon Tux + Flaming Space Shuttle = Most Awesome Way to Cook Bacon FTW

  • karloz

    pretty much the most awesome letter I've ever red!

  • Marion clark

    I totally believe a kid wrote it. I teach and kids today have some of the most radical images taking shape in their heads. unicorns and bacon are pretty popular with the youngins.

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