• SquishyFlint

    On a personal note, I'm not sure which is creepier (see: awesome): that this kid has a sense of humour similar to mine, or that he has my name…

    …it's possible that he may need to be destroyed.

  • t11

    Looks to me i should have become a weather man instead i went to itt. “College fail”

  • Dex


  • Sexydiscopanda

    ok, someone should make that drawing into a T-Shirt. minus that armrest for the chair, which looked like a penis.

  • longhorn

    Austin weatherman FTW

  • A hopefull

    its things like this that give me hope that world may not be as dreadfull and idiotic as I typically seem to see it. I hope this letter is legitmate and not some fake bs.

  • Paul

    Anyone who thinks a kid actually wrote this is a bit special…

  • Greg


  • Puma

    Post of the year!!!

  • Super Dave

    For the love of all that is awesome, somebody please commission a painting of a monkey wearing a tuxedo made of bacon riding a cyborg unicorn with a lightsaber for the horn on the tip of the space shuttle closing in on Mars while engulfed in flames. The world should not be deprived of such awesomeness.

  • paper_doll

    mom can i keep him??

  • Simon

    I for one move that you-know-who is publicly executed in a slow, painful way when this kid is made supreme overlord of the universe.

    Either that or be forced to join the klan!

  • Mario Tjokro


  • Browneyedgrl

    I wish this was my kid!

  • crash

    #1 #2 #3 awesome on so many levels…. i want to buy this kid a beer!

  • mike king

    Hire the kid

  • ramon

    Glad to see the youth of America still have a very healthy imagination. I foresee this kid aceing creative writing.

  • snoopy

    that kid eat fuckin magic mushroom off Neil Patric Harris

  • Always Last


  • KT

    To those who don’t believe in it’s authenticity: I’ve taught several kids with high functioning Autism that could have very well written than exact letter and drawn that picture. Believe it.

  • GiGiGodwin

    Absolutely priceless!

  • etcrr

    that's awesome kid's heart is in the right place

    • etcrr

      #3 is the unicorn I want the most

  • greg

    thats still how i spell marvelis

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