Cat Saturday (24 Photos)

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  • Kayleigh D

    #12: Needs to be featured on TheBerry!!!

  • http://Chive Beavis

    Why do people like cats? Not sure I would even wipe with one

    • Jawbone

      Because filthy people like their houses to stink of shot and ammonia no matter how clean they keep the litterbox.

      It gives them the opportunity to follow cats around all day with a camera hoping for a picture they can scribble “I can haz” retardedness all over and share with like minded idiots.

  • 2xIraqVet

    Screw all you dog lovers, the only reason why dogs are so happy is because they are fucking retarded and have no real personality. Cats show all sides of the spectrum.

    • Whodoube

      The ‘spectrum’ is a linear concept. Consequently, it doesn’t have ‘sides’. ‘Ends’ more accurately describes spectrums.
      That said, dogs display more varied personalities than cats, typically. In you parlance, I would say that ‘dogs’ personalities encompass a wider range of personalities along the personality spectrum than do cats.

  • JamesMfp

    #7 you are awesome and great question…dog Sunday?

    • rami

      Let’s see they are rescue dogs, seeing eye dogs, dogs that can tell you when your about to have a seizure, police dogs and then there’s cats…. just saying

  • Sick Boy

    2xIraqVet….your comment is flawed. Both cats and dogs can have a great personality. Only I dont swerve to hit dogs. A full spectrum of personality is left on the asphalt. Promise.

  • Sick Boy

    That post of mine was inappropriate. Im just saying that when im finished work and go home, I’d much rather be greeted by my happy dog than glared at by my gf’s spoilt ragdoll.

  • Bumhugs

    #6 I think this cat was my professor for Medieval Studies in College! Hi Dr. Armisen!

  • ArOhBe

    Mac, with all due respect – FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, please feature Cat Saturday on TheBerry, NOT TheChive. What guy likes Cats anyways?! This section should be reserved by such sections as “Snatch Saturday,” “Slippery Slits Saturday,” “Something to Suck on Saturday” or an equally alliterative (but interesting) section. This, by far, is the least viewed section on The Chive. C’monnnnn maaaaan.

  • Berto

    We need dog Sunday, because I’m not a cat person…… And not that cats are dumb or stupid they just have loyalty issues…

  • NolaGoddess1978

    #1…. so cute

  • Anonymous

    #8 is a dog

  • JS

    Great idea Cat Sat and dog Sunday.

  • Anonymous

    I just love cat Saturday!

  • crissy

    Noooo don’t get rid of cat Saturday!!!!

  • cydoniashop

    #6 Change your tie’s colour!

  • Richard Johnson

    Cats are awesome. Dogs are awesome. How 'bout you haters go and suck it.
    Keep it up Chive. You m'fers are the f'n coolest buncha f'n f'ers ever.

    • IrishWhitty

      Chive on Richard!! 🙂

  • Jearry

    I think pets are cool cuz they don’t leave dumb comments on websites about how they are “team dog” or “team cats”

  • Anonymous

    I like lamp

  • nuccabay

    #7 i agree!!!

  • Shashikant

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