We stopped dreaming (Video)

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson makes an interesting argument about the budget cuts to the space program and the future of our existence.

Check out Neil deGrasse Tyson’s mind blowing “Most Interesting Fact” about the universe here.

  • Bob Lee Swagger

    As I'm watching this my robot vacuum is cleaning up the carpet behind me…what else could I dream for technology-wise?

    • http://facebook.com/mav2ag MaverickAg

      It's that mindset right there sir that has halted advancement and interest in the math and sciences altogether! That attitude to be complacent with the comforts of other peoples' ideas and inventions, rather than creating them, not just for ourselves, but the the benefit of all is what makes us a country of consumers that spend, spend, spend.

      • Chuck Vanderloo

        I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic, you idiot. Way to freak out over it.

        • tfl

          I'm with MaverickAg. Even anti-intellectual or consumerist jokes have stopped being funny. This video made me damn near want to cry or find a time-traveling Delorean. Still, I'll probably watch it 500 times this week.

    • Laziness FTL

      Congratulations, we've steadily created obesity 🙂

  • New_Guy

    I would pay a 1% for NASA.

  • TheJoeGreene

    So, at a time when there needs to be a massive reduction in non-essential Federal spending, we should INCREASE money to go to Mars? Yeesh.

    • http://facebook.com/mav2ag MaverickAg

      You have missed the point ALTOGETHER! It is a call to reallocate and invest elsewhere that will inspire invention and interest in the math and sciences. The former Soviet Union dared us to advance our innovations, Pres. Kennedy put is foot down and demanded that we advance ourselves and our grandparents (and parents in some cases) responded in kind. Since that inspiration has died, the drive to invent and create has virtually died with it. It's about time our generation got off of our asses and stopped talking about reaching for the stars and actually did it! It's not beyond our reach. For us to do the impossible, we must first demand the impossible. Only then can we realize that it is within reach.

      • Mambo

        well done for re-wording the video -.-

      • MattKL

        Well said, sir.

      • Beej

        You left out the most impressive/depressing fact. More money was spent on corporate bail-outs than has been spent on NASA in its 50 yr history.

        • who cares

          That actually makes me mad. All that bailout money is just gone *poof* and we literally have nothing but ruins and debt to show for it.

    • WRM

      Did you mute it and just watch the video or something? Jesus…I thought I was a cynic.

    • Adam

      Non-essential Federal spending… such as 43 cents of every tax dollar being spent on military spending? How else can we fund so many illegitimate wars?

    • Name

      Ditto, well said. I'd like Dr. Tyson to be in charge of reallocating from elsewhere in the budget and then we can all watch the video from those folks crying about their shattered dreams.

    • NickR

      Obviously, you haven't seen or looked at the federal budget. The problem with the Feds is they are distributing funds to trivial, temporary patchwork, social programs, and fundraising events that are unnecessary for the advancement of our country. They are in the political system only to advance themselves, democrats and republicans alike.

  • sshuggi

    I wonder if Neil deGrasse Tyson would make a good president. I mean, being an astrophysicist, he could probably balance a budget…

    • LucretiusCaro

      He'd never get elected. Too many americans distrust "smart" people and actually seem to hold them in contempt. No no–the US should be run by businessmen. Not scientists or academicians. They don't know shit.

      • Dylan

        Unfortunately, this is too true…

        • LucretiusCaro

          I wonder how many people thumbed me up because they thought i was actually advocating for business men presidents. I hope none.

          • jaden


  • Ateka

    Tomorrow isn't gone, tomorrow is what the market wants it to be. Sadly, people buy more iPhones and fucking useless technology than they buy subscriptions to science magazines. They'd rather be entertained than educated. Distracted than informed.

    That's what happens when you decide you want the market to govern our lives: "bread and games" for the masses.

    • http://facebook.com/mav2ag MaverickAg

      In part, you are correct. However, the market is that way only because we have ALLOWED it to go that way. It's not the market's fault, it's OUR fault for not demanding more of the market, thus changing its direction.

      • 0331

        No, the market is what you have demanded.

        • KbinKc

          The market also manufactures demand for products, through the use of "marketing", that most people wouldn't even want (or even think about) otherwise. Some of these marketing techniques go well beyond basic informational advertising to the point of near diabolical manipulation (for example advertising for unhealthy products that is targeted @ children).

      • AkaL

        Do u really think its us thats demanding something for the market. Its the companies and the market that decides what phone u will buy what clothes ur gonna wear what tv u gonna watch,and they are doing it so that u think, u decided it all by your self. We have no say in this. Its hard to belief but its the truth we are only mindless consumers.

        • thedude325

          Well the only options really are: you can have the market decide what to produce, the government can decide what to produce, or you can make it yourself. The market is the best choice. May not be ideal, but it is far better than the government deciding what we buy. And most people can't make the types of things we buy.

          • KbinKc

            You are applying the logical fallacy of all or nothing thinking. There needs to be a balance between govt and private industry .

  • Michael

    NASA isn't essential for short-term. Neil deGrasse Tyson's point is that short-term things get over-emphasized. In the long run, investing in NASA pays off in the form of a country that is technologically competitive on an international scale.

    Whatever nation makes the best stuff benefits. NASA is a way to learn how to make better stuff.

    What I like about Neil deGrasse Tyson is that he's far-sighted enough to see this.

    • pointgiven

      Wants more money to fund progress – Keeps driving the same shuttle since 1981.

    • Evan

      The thing about a government funded space program is that the only competition would come from other countries, and other countries are doing much worse than America is. If we want space travel to really "take off", literally and metaphorically, then it needs to be privatized. Look at all the amazing things that companies like Microsoft, Apple, Sony, LG, Intel, etc. . . have been able to create in just the past decade. These companies created incredible products because they had competition. Privatized space research/travel/exploration would be beneficial in the short-term and the long-term.

  • http://facebook.com/mav2ag MaverickAg

    If ever we needed a kick in the ass to get us motivated to ADVANCE and further science exploration, now is it! I hate to sound like I'm insensitive to the plights of other countries, but it's time we started worrying what we are going to do to help advance ourselves and this country. The "space age" of the 1950's, 60's and 70's gave us many of the simple inventions we take advantage of today. Let's create something our grandchildren's, grandchildren will be able to see as common place, but revolutionizes how we live today. Let's invest in the stars again!

  • craig

    These posts are brilliant. Keep 'em coming. A little thinkin' amongst the irreverence never hurt anyone.

  • D3AN

    This video reminded me why I became a mechanical engineer. How much would I pay for the universe? Entire life's work.

    • ShowerWithSandusky

      From one ME to another, well put.

  • Russian47

    probably one of the greatest videos i have ever seen

  • TheBigBear

    Hell, I'd pay a whole 2%!

    • musclerobot

      Dream big! Ha ha.

      Ps. I agree, as long as I get to decide where that money goes.

  • ntjack01

    Fantastic Video that highlights so many of the problems the world over.

  • http://twitter.com/Speexy @Speexy

    My new favourite man on this planet. Gives me hope again 🙂

    • Kyle

      He failed, why is a failure your favorite? Are you that stupid that you want to celebrate someone's complete failure? He sold a shit ton of books, he's rich. At the same time he got rich NASA went broke. He's not my hero, he failed at keeping NASA going full throttle while he made millions of dollars becoming a celebrity.

      • Guesty

        You sound so jealous it's funny.

      • KbinKc

        Based on what sources of information ?

  • Mike

    I'm glad that funding for NASA has slowed to a crawl.
    I don't think the species responsible for a floating mass of plastic THE SIZE OF TEXAS in the Pacific Ocean should be allowed to spread across the galaxy… let alone the moon.

    • Guesty

      You're a complete moron!

    • Simon

      I hear about that particular floating mass (btw, there is a 'flotilla of humanity' in every major body of water), but nobody ever says they want to do anything about it. It is just some sounding board like, "I'm fighting global warming by buying a Prius.". BS

      • Ferret

        Send Garbage Island To the MOON!

        • duh

          MAKE it a MOON! XD

  • Cal1

    I’m English, and I would and will pay towards this, bollocks about forwarding ones nation, were trying to forward the human race here, the whole UN should band together and get this done. Think about how many jobs this would create for the states and it’s friends, not too mention where we could go!

  • John

    This guy is my hero. If I can give part of my tax refund to wildlife protection and political elections why can't I give some of it to NASA, more than happy to give them 1%.

  • MattKL

    "How much would you pay for the universe?" Amazing, amazing, amazing.

    Neil deGrasse Tyson, man I love that guy.

  • Kyle

    So, basically he failed to get NASA funding. He failed.

    • guest

      No, the government failed its people. This government (Congress more so, even more than the President) is a government for the interest group with the most money. I would love for just once to for every incumbent Congressmen to be voted out. Regardless of party. Just to prove to them that the people have the Power.

      • The Government.

        You shut your mouth! You give all your money for our war! Oil! Derp!

    • Guesty

      2 times you said that… if you feel compelled to point it out I'm sure you have some failures in your life you could share as well.

    • KbinKc

      If you are referring to the Bush administrations commissions that he sat on #1 he is an astrophysicist who's role was most likely one of advising the commission on matters of science not marketing strategy #2 there were other people on those commissions whose backgrounds' in business & or politics would have made them the responsible parties for securing funding ( if acquiring funding for NASA was even a responsibility for these commissions' and I suspect it was not ).

      • KbinKc

        Correction to previous post : commissions' should have been commissions I made a few errors during cut & paste editing. I only mention this because in my experience most comment sections tend to bring out the English teacher in some people (if I had been writing for them I would have been more careful) .

  • Alex Swift

    There are few words to describe the sadness I feel when I think about the lack of funding NASA receives. But that feeling of despair, pales in comparison to the feeling I have when I think about the vast wonders of the Universe, and the mysteries awaiting NASA whenever it gets the funding it deserves. I hope that one day, we as a people get our shit together and realize just how important NASA is to us as a society. I fear that that day might not come in my lifetime.

  • Albert

    What Neil never considers, is: is it in the best interest of the cosmos that we be taking humanity out to the stars? Given what we've done to the earth. Can you imagine the decimation that humans would cause on a cosmic level? Humans spreading into space would be catastrophic on so many levels.

    As the great Carl Sagan once said, "Don't fuck that beautiful cosmic shit up."

    • BBZB

      You give humans too much credit. We could fuck up this planet and kill ourselves, and even if the planet took 100,000 years to get back to what it was, its a blip on the cosmic scale. Sting that humans can screw up the universe is nothing short of ego.

    • Johnrx

      Maybe if we were investing in the NASA we could figure out ways to reduce or eliminate the technology and machines that are causing harm to our planet. But we can't do that if our people are stuck on the ground because the banking industry decided that it was important to and out loans to every person who walked off the street. Or how about the fact that most of hose same industries recieved tax rebates last year beause of the corporate loopholes built into the tax code to pad the wallets of people who help fund people running for congress?

    • Nicnac

      Someone has been watching too much SyFy…

  • imeanreallymac

    This was posted on break like 8 hours ago… Seriously mac do you steal all of your stuff from break? You took the 'you are here' video a few weeks back too.

    • Da Sandman

      it's funny because you think it's even possible to steal posted video material from the internet ^^

    • http://facebook.com/mav2ag MaverickAg

      Really? Rather than listen, support, or present a counterpoint to the message this video is trying to convey, you choose to argue the origin of the video. WHO CARES WHERE IT CAME FROM?! Take it for what it is and either KCCO or STFU… your choice.

    • NcouthYouth

      weird.. I didn't see it on Break. Maybe because I don't feel the need to browse 40 different websites every morning to see what's where and bitch about it. Just enjoy it. If you've seen it, go to the next one.. Mac didn't claim he made this video himself.

  • Apple

    Why waste so much money looking for other planets to live on when we could use that money to reverse the damage we are doing to our own.

    • http://facebook.com/mav2ag MaverickAg

      Because the technology and inventions that are born from exploring other planets/habitable places and what we use to preserve and protect those discoveries, could save and/or preserve where we are now. Who knows? Maybe the answer to how to reverse the damage here lies elsewhere. If nothing else, it'll spark some imagination somewhere.

  • Da Sandman

    his arguement of having enough money is flawed. When the US Government says that they don't have enoogh money, it means that 70% of america is owned by china. The USA simply has way to much debts to repay to even consider space projects.

  • johngaltjkt

    When you vote in November remember it's The Chosen One that's canceled our space program. Now We get to depend on a dictator who just stole another election in Russia to get our people into space!

    • Nicnac

      NASA wasn't cancelled in the last two years, Sir. It has been suffering from too-low budgets every year for DECADES.

    • Guest

      Uh. Noooo. The space program wasn't canceled. The shuttle program was canceled under Bush Jr.'s watch and the lunar (moon) program was canceled under Obama's watch. NASA is still up and running. Barely. But it's still there.

      • N3MES1S420

        this stuff should not even be political in nature, space travel and exploration should be a given I mean we know the world is round lets discover more of whats out there…… I don't have "extra" money by any means but I have 1% for nasa…… I would also like to see more of the oceans, we really have no clue of whats down there, its like outer space right here, every time they take a sub out to explore they find all kinds of new creatures……Who cares who cut what. government isn't for the people like it is suppose to anyway.

  • emini

    how bout we just get out of afghanistan. that'll be enough money for nasa

    • Aubrey De Grey

      The New Space program is The SENS project.

      Help spread the word by talking to friends.

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