We stopped dreaming (Video)

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson makes an interesting argument about the budget cuts to the space program and the future of our existence.

Check out Neil deGrasse Tyson’s mind blowing “Most Interesting Fact” about the universe here.

  • bagface

    Just stop wasting our tax money on hookers and booze and get to mars jerks.

  • A Smith

    It is funny how Obama is speaking in the background and he is responsible for the budget cuts to NASA. A very different president compared to JFK.

  • A Smith
  • teatro

    Meanwhile in Earth…

  • James

    I think he makes a lot of valid points. As far as needless spending goes, NASA is not as was not (comparatively) taking a large portion of the tax dollars. I think it needs to continue to get and increase its funding.

  • Chris Matos

    I'd Rather my penny go to public offices like Fire Fighters Police and Teachers sorry call me a dreamer… Oh wait… I hate myself now.

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  • -N7

    Space travel has been my life long dream of mine. I'd give them as much money as I could. Just the thought of going to Mars makes me happy. I want to live in an age of colonies on the moon or Mars.

  • drbman

    I would pay for the truth! stop doctoring photos and then the public will dream again.

  • Chris

    This video is a great example why the US is in the financial situation it is now, and it is foolish to succumb to such propaganda. Your tax dollars should be better spent in times like these.

    Screw healthcare, right? Lets go to space…
    I'm embarrassed for you.

  • Brent H

    I understand both points on all comments. We are in debt, the distribution of money is flawed, and we are polluting and destroying our eco systems. But at the same time, NASA is the reason we have most of our technology today, the advances in technology required for the space program paved the way for things like computers and iphones. We can fix everything. Get us out of the war, focus on our economy, fund NASA, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and save the environment. We can do this and more. We just need to think long term and focus on wealth in knowledge and life, not wealth in greed.

  • Jezdezpez

    This is some serious stuff… What has the U.S done in the past 10 years? I'd hate to say but 1:55 in the video has already been reached, the majority don't even realize it yet 😦 Makes me sad.

  • Scott

    That staircase just seems like a huge hassle.

  • Steve Grenier

    If only the worlds problems could be solved by videos like this. Inspiring but it's going to take a lot more to fix this world.

  • GunnyC

    So true! Why do people fear technological breakthroughs. "Tang" notwithstanding, do you realize what NASA has given to the world? Text back on your smartphone to disagree, while you drive down the street in your SUV with the navigation system, the safety features, and the advancements in lightweight materials, they are all NASA! Let alone medical advancements!

  • I do

    Seth Rogan makes some valid points in this. Didn’t realize he was so smart. I bet he was stoned.

  • scary69


  • Rodrigo Rodriguez

    Funny how we always seem to have money to fight “wars” in 3rd world countries….or to bail out rich people. The truth is that we live in a world of unprecedented corporate greed. Until that is changed, don’t expect many dreams to come true.

  • Derick

    Guys, I've been having some real trouble feeling recently. I mean emotion wise. I recently broke up with my girlfriend and it was very hard for me, but emotionally I couldn't feel a thing.

    This video made me cry while at work. What the hell?

  • mcsailor

    Just watched this again. Really amazing.

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