A bank vault is the safest place to own a supper club (22 Photos)


  • Samulus

    That lamp is thinking: Soon..

  • Jammy

    Perry's in Austin, TX has one as well.

  • SpacemanSpiff

    "No sir, this is not a booby trap"

  • cstory

    How different is a supper club from a restaurant that serves dinner? I don't understand the distinction.

    • Craig

      Hipsters. Hipsters is the distinction.

  • TheJoeGreene

    Didn't Chive already do a post on this place?

  • Eric

    The Broker – Denver Colorado – Nailed It

  • tLoko420

    Where's the food?

  • WhatAboutDenver

    The Broker restaurant in Denver has been operating out of an old bank vault for, oh, 30 years.

    Suck on that, hipster douchebags.

  • pigs r cute AND delicious

    RIP Harry Bissett’s (downtown) of Athens, GA. Couldnt sit in the vault, but was located inside old bank.

    Now that’s out of the way @ Eric and Whataboutdenver….Chive didnt claim this was the first, just asking u to take a look. Nobody cares about all the retrofitted-bank-now-eateries in the states.

  • tommytentoes

    I live 2 blocks from this place, pretty sweet but vaults always packed and clientele is pretty douche-y

  • Cinderelly

    Went there when I visited my friend, it’s pretty cool, but definitely lots of douchey people.

  • SomeoneBetter

    At night on the weekends, just an awesome bar to grab drinks. Pricey though.. As expected

  • Anonymous

    What the f is a supper club? I clicked cause I thought I read stripper club

  • SARmedic

    Where do you put a kitchen? I'm guessing it's not in that vault at all and somebodies walking a lot. (or a dumb waiter)

  • kevin

    there's one like it in Spokane WA

  • derbymon


  • http://Www.maistros.mx Manuel arvizu

    Did anyone said. Fire hazzard?

  • Ryan

    This is right down the street from my house. Very cool bar.

  • kheaven

    there's a club in Berlin called tresor, there first location was in a bank vault … now it's in some abandoned factory

  • theTraderJew

    I'd like to see some people dining in there.

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