Bro trust me, I fixed it (36 Photos)

  • Diesel57

    #1 looks like something my old man fixed.

  • Joe

    Wow, way to go, assholes. Way to steal an entire post from and put a Chive logo at the bottom. Fucking hacks.

  • Ricky

    #3 Brilliant!

  • Matt

    Yet you still come to the chive to look at their posts!!!
    Fucking dbag

  • Gallus

    #1 – I once had a landlord who did fixes like that. Someone eventually sued his @ss off.

  • Cruel_Device

    #12 #29 those are actually pretty clever ideas to put some trash to a good use

  • ceej

    #6 I can ride my bike with no handlebars…

  • Some Nascar

    Massive Dale Earnhardt fan?

  • 919bigt

    #12 is briliant

  • Watt?

    So you're in Europe on holiday…and you could be bothered to gather all the parts to create a makeshift adapter. However, running down to the electrical store and buying one, that isn't a fire hazard, is just too much trouble?

  • SoBe Bound

    #7 actually serves a good purpose.

  • third time

    #25 seen that van around before, had a bunch of can goods on the dash

  • Britter

    No fifth gear? What is this madness?!

    • Britter

      #21 Also, I have Alzheimer's, which is why I have Alzheimer's which is why I forgot to add the #21.

  • mike

    Please Let the person that submitted #4 that has a potential as a fire hazard

  • freddy boy

    In my mind this piece blends immediately with the Nascar story.

  • Pezski

    Some of these are genius, some are terrifying. What's more frightening is the number I can't decide swing which way…

  • Henrik Larsson

    #24 looks photoshopped..but from what i've read in the comments this actually exists and runs…. lolwut

  • Mr. Ed

    #31 anyone else think it was a dog covered in Duct tape or am I nuts? Look to the left.


    #18 #12 #4 those are abvious Eurotrash

    • RICCO

      ** Obvious


    #1 I wonder how they broke it in the first place.

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  • iris

    #11 #12 #13
    Not to shabby

  • Evil Dung Beetle

    #24 hmmm, James May was here wasn't he?

  • Anonymous

    36, what the Fuck. Haha

  • Anonymous

    Damn, some are actually great. #12 made my inner green smile.

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