Bro trust me, I fixed it (36 Photos)

  • James Munn

    #35 Ultimate WINNER!!

  • Sundevil8181

    At least #29 has a nice lawn and walk path, fish is a nice thick cut (shark?)..add that up and you think he could afford a decent grill….maybe he just trying to be funny?

  • Werral

    This is the best post I've seen in weeks

  • Dicki Roberts

    #24 is in Springfield nj at a gas station

    • Arlete

      You go! I already did it once don’t think I have aohnter month in me! Plus I’m trying to do NaNoWriMo and have already fallen behind and it’s only day 2!Melisa Mommy This and That recently posted..

  • hendrix

    #24 reminded me of CatDog…

  • Always Last


  • dfletch

    #27 looks to be a painfully adventure….. just sayin.

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  • Samuel

    I show at CJHA and I was wondering why there aren’t any opoths from the Beginner Hunter division. There weren’t any from June’s show either. I wanted to ask if you were going to do it for October.-Thank You

  • anne

    #16 is a Model A Ford, likely a 1929. An air bag is just getting ahead of yourself. That car has no seat belts. 🙂

  • Underhill

    #15 is cool. I wish we'd had one of those when I was little.

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