Daily Morning Awesomeness (25 Photos)

  • MattKL

    #10 I have the weirdest boner right now.

    • peepee

      Great comment Matt.

  • avgejoe

    #8 fuck yea merica!

  • Trent

    I bet you can tell a mean story about a bridge, etcrr.

    • hud

      Mi-anus bridge??? you're a disgrace

      • Dumb ass

        You're an idiot, Google it

  • dashete

    And what normal situation would that be?

    • MotherNature

      In the wild

      • wtf

        that would never happen unless Disney was involved

      • Anon

        yes because the bear and lion live in the same areas…

    • about

      We need to give the original poster a break. Nature can be cruel. Other animals who are mortal enemies in the wild are:

      1. Hummingbirds and penguins.
      2. Kittens and squid.
      3. Ewoks and unicorns.

      Not corgi puppies, though. Corgis get along with everything.

      • YayPuppies

        Corgis! They could have defeated Nazi Germany with their cuteness!

  • MRat

    #8 make me wanna be a delivery driver

  • dashete

    #30 Should've put it closer to his crotch and then asked women if they'd like some Candy.

    • stumeister

      Oh yes! haha that is well played sir!

  • Peter2323

    #27 He would've cleared the ring if he didn't stop himself! Geez-us!

  • dubious

    i don't know what kind of bear that is but two of these animals don't even live on the same continent. What the f are you talking about?

    • oh4fuckssake

      The correct answer is Black Bear.

  • rucknmaul

    #12 funny until someone moves the pillows..then it's only funny if it's not you sliding.

  • Doofenshmirtz

    Caucasian Shepherd, or a Georgian Shepherd, or the Ovtcharka. Great dogs, butt attention demanding or they could go aggressive.

    • Obv

      wtf is butt attention demanding????

      • Nick

        My girl loves butt attention.

        • Nick

          And FYIzzle, this pic is defintely a "perspective" pic.

  • Lance

    #29 all the wax paper and paper bags I've used there.

  • Everything

    #28 Oh my.

  • Stephen

    Man for some reason #27 is making me bust a gut right now

  • Diesel57

    #27 like a boss.

  • tbaby

    yessssss #29 is omaha!!

  • passwordistaco

    #17 If that's what hanging out smoking weed with a dog does for you I seriously need to reconsider some life style choices

  • triplecap

    #16 is Coby Gewertz' 63' Ford Econoline project named "VanGo". The picture is shopped, but the real van is pretty damn impressive: http://www.justcustomz.com/blog/van-go-ford-econo

    He's got some pretty cool shirts & magazines at carsnotculture.com.

  • calwebb

    Lion and Bear and Tiger… OH MY!

  • Gordo

    #28 Oh my

    • Gordo

      I suck.
      Also boobs #10

  • Seldi84

    #7 #16 #21 are all awesome.

    • amrith777

      Agreed.I would fucking PAY to see #7!

    • JHL1

      Kermit the fucking stormtrooper frog!

  • Chicago carpenter

    Earl Hebner!

  • 0331

    #7 Don't know this guy, but I know he'd be a blast to hang out with.

    • Pat

      I like the way his mind works.

  • Gallus

    #8 – Damn it! Why don't things like that ever happen to *me*?!

    #17 – "Has anyone seen that old ring of mine?"

  • dochandy

    #8 this happened to me exactly once as a pizza delivery driver #18 want!

  • etcrr

    dumb ass hillbilly, sad you cant think for yourself.

    • et cetera

      It is true that he doesn't like that you post. What else are you claiming to be right about? That lions, tigers and bears wouldn't be friends in nature?

      Check out the big brain on etcrr! You're a smart motherfucker.

      • lonin

        etcrr has been deleting comments like mad lately. Gotta preserve that positive thumb rating…douche.

        • etcrr is a fag

          he is a lonely 60 year old man who is trying to be cool by posting on the chive…

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