Daily Morning Awesomeness (25 Photos)

  • etcrr

    not funny, dumb ass

  • Anonymous

    #9 is the Watertown Aquatic Center in Watertown, WI

  • Dunny_

    #4 ..I've seen this fireworks show at EPCOT. Seemed bigger though.

  • http://www.anthony-tyler.com Anthony_Tyler


    "See-?! This is how I egg fry!!!"

  • Tony

    How's about hell effing NO!!!

  • gregorije1

    #4 This reminds me of the documentary " The World at War"

  • man-a-mal

    #4…some men just want to watch the world burn……..

  • steve

    #28 oh my

  • drbman

    #8 is engraved in my heart forever, now to change jobs…Pizza Hut here I come!

  • Rockstarmg

    #28 Oh my.

  • waryee

    I've read all these replies. Please tell me someone else can see at least the tiger is photoshopped.

    • Cosmic

      Its not shopped, these animals were brought in as a trio when they were two months old. They were rescued from a drug baron who was keeping them as trophy pets. Besides, animals that are raised together by humans who are fed regularly and do not have to compete for food or mates have no reason to be agressive against each other.

    • Vee

      Man, you need to learn what makes a photo look photoshopped.. or better yet you can actually try to find some other pictures of this and see if you can find one without the Tiger in it, actually go do that, make it your project for the week.

  • Anonymous

    #24, what the hells Super Tax?

  • http://metroinspace.com/us/view/cq9u Gman

    Where is #29 at? Click link below to send me to space. I promise to rid the world of Duck face and first posts if I go.

    • Jason

      Omaha, Nebraska

  • Alex Stopak

    #29 I know those slides… kid + wax paper = insane fun… and there is only like a 40% chance you get a concussion at the end

  • dave

    #8…find her…#11 is awesome

  • Jonesy

    #29 Nice to see Omaha represented on theChive. Chive on from Nebraska!

  • BuckersAZ

    #28 Lion's, Tiger's, and Bear's…oh my lol

  • Crazy Carl

    #30 John Candy! Hey Chive how about some John Fuckin Candy shirts, not that I would buy them, but he is just as good as Bill.

  • Yaffe

    #29 I've been going down those slides since I was a little kid. I love that something from Omaha made it on here. KCCO.

  • the joe

    #4 some men just want to watch the world burn…
    #28 Wizard of Oz home defense system (see who gets the reference)

  • anguish

    #21 Corktown?

  • anguish

    Wondering if that was this past weekend when they did the 5k..

  • Benni

    Why no comments?

  • Don Dimisa

    We Need To Show More Love To JOHN CANDY.R.I.P

  • Right Coast

    #28 I can bearly stand it when you're away.

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