FLBP softens the blow that is Monday (37 Photos)

  • Over9000

    #31 Holy Shit! How did I not see this until today?

  • chivedaddy

    #7, #31 & #36. They proove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is GOOD to be a MAN and have all these beutifull women all around us!

  • Awesome

    If there is any justice in the world, MOAR of #31 shall be posted!

  • anthl1

    who is 7, 18, and 25….. Find them because they are outstanding!

  • unreal

    18wants to get railed hard. Greasy unreal

  • jhf60

    #1 — They ARE quite nice, aren't they?
    #7 — You my dear, have a certain …
    #17 — Well, h-e-l-l-o.
    #23 — Having trouble straightening up?
    #24 — Want the blonde on the right for my birthday.

  • Rusty Saueblyde


  • bill

    wow wow.# 32 & # 36,awesome hotties.

  • bunedoggle

    #31 Shut up and marry me.

  • Always Last


  • Wulfric

    *31 k mil jayein dabane ko toh bs….

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000918478397 Daniel Segovia

    #19 what does KCCO stand for?

  • birojow

    Dear @mayerjacoby :

    If The Chive is such a bad web site, why do you enter here?

  • Brian

    #24 the girl on the right, please please find her

  • Agui

    #7- Most beautiful woman on this planet!!

  • da goober

    #31 please give MOAR!!!! Red heads are the best(corney phrase i know)

  • lmg

    i'm sure i know her!
    i went to school with her and she had an amazing chest then

  • ghostofmlg

    TO wakre up to #17 and/or #36 every day would be a dream come true.

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