Mind the Gap Monday (38 photos)


    Well, my day just got a whole lot better!

    • Eric Cartman

      #10 #10 #10 #10 #10 #10 #10 #10 #10 #10 #10 oh and #10

  • Denver_guy

    So much win

    • Another Denver Guy

      Mind the Gap is the best category every week, just saying

  • ST33

    #32 Mother of God

    • eclipze


    • Atom819

      I thought the same thing…

    • http://twitter.com/CerealFede @CerealFede

      its so unfair, i will never get a girl with such a high quality ass like this…

      • Cologne

        power of positive thinking my friend… or invest in lotto tickets

      • its_forge

        Oh yeah you will. Just start talking to women and eventually you'll get dates. And eventually you'll meet one with a very fine ass. If a giant nerdy dork like me can get the unbelievably fine pussy I've gotten over the years, anybody can.

    • MattKL

      Ah yes, the elusive gap-within-a-gap.

    • alex

      double gap!!

    • Tar_Heel_Gil

      nice butt … but am I the only one who was a little freaked out, wondering if this is some weird angle shot from some dudes homemade porn?

  • Bill


  • driftwoodprose

    #15 Yup, it's a good day now.

    • its_forge

      Yes that is absolutely lovely isn't it?

    • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

      oh how i would like to see a full pic of that

  • Shred the Pow

    Mother of God…

    • Buttsecks

      x-art, porn star, and oh man is she hot.Leila is her name I believe.

      • wants it

        need a link please kind sir

        • Mr Factual

          Don't tell anyone but theres this fantastic thing called google where you type in stuff and it finds it for you.

          Oh and FYI Leila is just her x-art name. She appears as Blue Angel on most sites

          • Truth

            Blue Angel is what you're looking for-very NSFW

    • Si1entStatic

      same with #14. We know who is really taking those photos. our Helmeted photographer B)

    • Nate2003

      yea buddy…..

  • ST33

    Beautiful hump

    • Tripletwist

      How'd ya like to bite that in the ass, develop lockjaw and be dragged to death, Yeah, happily, twice

    • ass-monger

      me want to spanky….

  • Diesel57


  • The Truth

    #31 I would tongue-punch her dirt-star

    • Lytso

      That got a chuckle out of me.

    • Matt

      That's gross.

  • pstone

    Gorgeous updated tight when I refreshed the page!

  • that guy

    this post smells funny

  • Ned Plimpton

    #9 I like this.

    • Sierra

      That awkward moment when thats your cousin

  • sniff

    #15 looks like she would smell really nice.

    • Buster Cherry

      #15 And taste like strawberry shortcake.

    • Dr. Sidaredes

      looks can deceive

  • Mitchiver

    Absolutely gorgeous. Except #26. 26 is repulsive. Her ass looks like that of an 80yr old man.

    • Not a fan

      The Neil Young hat aint doin it for me

    • Truth

      Really dude? Maybe not the best pic, but… Google "Monika Eleonora Nelly." That is all.

    • Donkey_Punch

      Look at a lot of 80 yr. old man asses .. do ya?

    • Wowza

      That's ok – I thought #20 was a man at first glance – something about the shape just wasn't right.

  • StudPhi

    I don't know who invented this glorious event know as " Mind the Gap "…but I would like to buy him/her a beer!

  • BigPup

    #1 Fuck the red sea, I wanna part them babies!!! KCCO!

    • Der_Joe

      gorgeous gap
      and bring back black is beautiful

      • BigPup

        I agree, LOVE the BIB!

      • MajorMinor

        Hell No!

    • Simon


  • EasternCanuck

    #23 making me hungry for a whole lot of muff sammich

    • sdfdfd

      with a side of fur burger

      • SARmedic

        Don't forget the bacon strips!

  • that_dude_b

    #2 can't beat a tight stomach and a gap that looks like that

  • untamedride

    #23 bottom shelf, way in the back. best place to put things

  • who pooted!!

    future reference ladies…#23 actual gap

    • Atom819

      so true

    • xcusemyass

      I must know who this is. My faith in humanity depends upon it.

    • mod

      AMEN! Legs spread just a bit doesn't mean gap…

  • Matty

    #23 Midnight snack? Don't mind if I do!

  • SuperDanMan4290

    #11 Welcome to the Chive! Great Gap, Beautiful Smile. 🙂


    • Chronos

      Im in Norway! There are chivers here?! EXCELLENT!

      She looks gorgeous!

  • http://yogeshvs88.wordpress.com yogeshvs88

    I love all mind gaps!!

  • Jeff

    #6, good Lord the amount of time I'd spend at this gap!

    • Jayavc

      I love the reflection also.

      • fyi

        this is from a set of nude pictures btw

        • truth


          • fyi

            google birdwatching 1371

            • Totally!

              LOL How in the blue hell did you remember that dec gallery!

    • Frank


  • KCJake


    Du nu nu nu nu nu nu…Gap Man!

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