NASCAR weekend draws an interesting crowd (20 Photos)

  • He'sCookinOurGarbage

    One really cool thing about NASCAR is BYOB!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cob

    If you don’t like America, leave. Nobody is making you stay here.

  • Trav

    #8 – omg, the cars are all bleeding together… XO

  • Anthony_Tyler

    …but what if they visit this site-?!

  • herky

    yeah, i don't think we need to worry about that whole "the south will rise again" thing.

  • john

    thank god i don't know anyone that loves things that go around in circles this much

  • socalmarti

    The only thing worse; WWE or Monster Truck fans.

  • hip-o-crit

    A Chive post making fun of white ‘MERICA, and the comments get filled with critics..yet everyones ok with other posts making fun of asians,russians,blacks and well,everyone else..’yall’ haters need to learn how to Keep Calm and Chive On or gtfo..too funny

  • swamp08

    its nascar not nascoon

  • Josh

    Looks like a typical weekend up here in Wisconsin. No joke 😦

  • Anonymous

    Why do reds necks like fucking doggy style??? So they BOTH can watch NASCAR

  • Mikey

    #17. My name is Kiiiiiiiiiiiid Rock!

  • Anonymous

    Man, it would be so great if everyone were as cool as you fucking faggots in your gay ass green shirts.


  • 11th Airborne

    Thank God they’re all on OUR side!

  • atarh01

    anyone else notice the awkwardly fit mustache man in the front? #9

  • Bounty Hunter

    #8 Gives a whole new meaning to speed bumps……

  • big baby jesus

    Yeah, show the 2% of fans that are still rednecks, not the 98% that are normal…

  • Dave woodling

    No 18 is an old picture taken at Bristol, when Dale Earnhart was still alive. There was over 100,000 people there. Stop the negative B.S. It's beneath you.

  • Red doggy

    Gonna need some thick beer goggles for Fontana next week.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe 2 of these were actually from Vegas.

  • PTR1

    #19 is just plain awesome

  • D3AN

    Finally, Formula 1 starts this weekend.

  • Luke Hesketh

    The average NAS-T-CAR fan has: 2 teeth, 8 brain cells, 3 ex wives (or sisters, you say tomato yaddayaddayadda), 1 daily supply of Shitty Beer-Lite, and EVERY GOD-DAMN Kid Rock or Skynyrd cd known to man!! Oh well, I KCCO while watching Aussie V8’s.

  • Brian

    Nice try guys.
    There were no clouds in Vegas this weekend.
    The grass was way greener than you show and the uy with the #3 shaved on his back was clearly in Bristol.
    Way to go WANKERS

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