NASCAR weekend draws an interesting crowd (20 Photos)

  • @sianaddy010

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • dj

    Looks like the republican national convention lol

  • Andy

    I too was in Vegas and good god -NASCAR peeps are great for people watching like a moving freak show

    • Darkshroomer

      So are dumb ass tourist for us locals.

  • Jason

    8…. Realy!!!! WTF

  • Kimmy

    #18 #12 #8
    What the F planet is this on?

  • ukulelemike

    And this is different from football fans HOW, exactly?

  • TX Country Boy

    Rode shotty for a few laps on the speedway last may. Awesome.

  • tapsnapornap

    You forgot "while going 200MPH 6 inches from the cars in front, behind and beside you". Not my favourite form of racing, but it's harder than most people make it out to be.

  • melindu

    Lol… White people

  • Sundevil8181

    Typical NASCAR for 90% of the fans…so very scary…I always think of the movie 'Deliverance" when I see people like that. Vegas loves it when they leave.

  • gwl

    Please go to and "like" my page!

  • 2Dogs

    whats the point of drinking light beer, seriously

  • mike

    # 5 Tattoo done by WILDSIDE TATTOO AND BODY PIERCING in Southington CT.

  • Merv

    Hey Mac, Fuck You

  • thal

    I call BS these pics aren’t taken of just last weekend. There are some hill billys at races sure. There are also a lot of normal people.

    So admit it Chive this isn’t just this weekend. The one picture has a concrete track….its Bristol. Pics 18 & 15 are both Bristol

    • Darkshroomer

      I believe none of these where taken in Vegas this weekend, I was at LVMS all weekend and took way better pictures.

  • Anonymous

    Denver, CO – Some of those photos are from Martinsville Speedway. Not Vegas.

  • Darkshroomer

    As a person who has lived in Vegas for 13 years, a person who went to a private school and lives in a gated community I find it ignorant for people to think NASCAR is some kind of redneck sport. As a straight male I like fast cars a lot more than a bunch of people running back and forth and throwing a ball into a hoop. We only get one NASCAR race a year, and growing up here, it's the only reason iv'e stayed. I run down the strip every morning and have to trip over drunk frat boy tourist, except NASCAR weekend. You're taking a few bad pictures and labeling a whole sport with it. If you went out a took pictures at LVMS it would look just like a college campus before a football game except without all the spoiled douche bag frat boys, we play BP and grill and listen to music. We toast our beers and sing our song, and we do it with all our teeth. NASCAR is an American sport, just like any other American sport you can like it or hate it. We don't really have sports teams here in Vegas, the only things to do out here on a Saturday night that doesn't involve dealing with tourist is going to the track. So next time you plan to come to Vegas don't, cause I'm sure you wouldn't like people leaving you're town talking shit.

    • Samantha


  • Darkshroomer

    All other racing schools:

    1: Turn Left
    2: Turn Right
    3: Turn Left
    4: Turn Right
    5: Win
    6: Join NASCAR to prove you're good enough to race on an oval.

  • Pclocal79

    Whats up w #20, Edwards is da man!!

  • Samantha

    It’s like the people of Walmart but in all their glory!

  • Kyle

    Sad to say I am unimpressed with the chivers out there, wore my KCCO shirt whilst in Punta Cana two weeks ago, and again while in Vegas for this aforementioned NASCAR race, to NO 'CHIVE ONS' of any sort. WHAT HAVE WE COME TO PEOPLE?!

  • matthew

    #8 needs to lower her suspension. her cars are rolling over wayyy too much.

  • oilfieldbill

    #20 he’s Probly a fan of that dumb ass driver that hit the jet dryer truck!!!!!!

  • tommy2X4

    #16 Aww, c'mon, I see this guy at every Southern Rock show.

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