Suspended camping tents anyone? (7 Photos)

  • tapsnapornap

    Does it fit back in the bag?

  • Squeege9696

    Use ’em at burning man, fits in bag and very light

  • Will mill

    It’s great until you lose the ladder

  • JohnBrown

    Everytime I go camping I set up a small tent, pillow, sleeping bag. Then I get shit-faced, get lost and wake up in the middle of the forest naked and alone. Then I get hunted by wolves and try to escape. Befriend a volleyball I call Wilson. And get chased by really smart fucking Velociraptors. I like this tent because I can just fall out and die when I'm wasted. Saves the hassle.

  • matthew

    looks like it would be a bitch to set up though. i have a hard enough time getting a normal tent set up lol. when i have to start thinking of building one in the air… FML.

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