• Meatblister

    Just not cool….at all.

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  • Bonjo89

    Dude could beat ANYONE at a staring contest… except maybe Kate Upton

  • elbruces

    I've seen similar things tried in America, and it usually ends with a lightning-quick punch to the face.

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  • cocales


  • Anida

    Sometimes being accurate with doiensmin for an object, especially in animation, forces an artist to rely on reference. I just remembered watching a behind the scenes look at the making of Disney’s “101 Dalmatians”. They built a model of the car Cruella De Vil drove in the movie so that they could draw each frame without worrying about distorting the doiensmins of it from frame to frame. You could say today they do the same thing but now it’s all done in the computer. So they basically had come up with a primitive wire frame model.And I would say that ego should never be part of art. You should do it for the enjoyment. If you are good enough that you are able to draw something from memory it is only because you have studied the object or drawn the object enough that you have it saved in your memory. I don’t think anyone would say art is simple. It is difficult work no matter what your skill level.

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