We have an honorary doctoral degree in Find Her (37 Photos)

  • daniel

    # 31 is claudia sampedro @claudiasampedro …beauty!

  • http://www.markmushakian.com Mark

    #29 is namelessly found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/titlap/3936821077/in

  • Jabba

    Never Seen the 'Black is Beautiful' Threads. Open your Eyes

  • James Munn

    #2 Stunning eyes, and face!! MOAR of her please!! ❤

  • bdg

    #2 #21 and #32 Need to be FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dogfishheader

    1. So you figured that the best place to post your bullshit was here…on the chive…so chivers could read it??
    2. Why you hatin so much dude or dudett?
    3. The chive probably does reflect what the creators deem as "hot" or "sexy" or "funny," but who the fuck cares, it is their website.
    4. A lot of people seek attention, it just so happens that the chive decides to help some people get it. Why are you so pissed off about that? I'm sure that if you tried hard enough you could get what you wanted posted on here.
    5. Does it really matter where in the albums black girls are placed? Honestly i think both black and white chicks are sexy. What if i'm the kind of guy that likes to see the best last. It really doesn't matter. Why is your racist mind determining that the order of the pictures is indicative of some sort of racial hierarchy?
    6. Maybe there are a lot of pics of blond white girls with big boobs on here, but honestly #29 is just a super-cute head shot and she is getting tons of positive comments. I think you are overreacting.
    7. I feel ya on some of the themes that the chive promotes, but again who the fuck cares. I'm in medical school, and I find it hilarious to see some of the crazy shit people do.
    8. If you think the chive endorses "gun usage and use" (a little redundant don't you think) answer me this…do you listen to some of the rap music playin these days? There's a good bit violence promoted there too, but so what.
    9. McDonalds hosts http://www.365black.com, a website dedicated to the appreciation of African-americans 365 days a year, but do you see me, a white guy, bitching and calling them racist for leaving me out………nope!!!

    anywho chill the fuck out dude

  • Anonymous

    #31 claudia sampedro @ instagram

  • Swarley

    #3 #6 #18 #32

  • Sundevil8181

    #6 has sweet body…just too many tats…like putting raunchy decals on sweet car..# 18 has nice shouders and boobs…but that is one crazy ass tongue…lesbians would like that tongue…ha!

  • NightMiracle

    Am i the only one who found #29 the most appealing? Damn.

  • http://Chive Ricky Bobby

    Got crooked eyed staring at #1

  • Jake P.

    #29 is unbelievably adorable, find her! And #30, are you kidding me? I would marry her. Right now.

  • drbman

    this is definitely one of my favourite posts! #31, much love claudia

  • Tyler

    #12 is Tanya Bartlett. Fr. SJ, NB, Canada!! Representing East Coast Canada.

  • dropkicknelson

    Need #2 and love that tongue on #18!

  • obe

    #3 please please please look at that body

  • Nick

    3, 34!!!! MOAR

  • Nick

    3, 34!!!! MOAR now!

  • mike

    Yes find her and give her a cheeseburger!!!

  • mike

    #17 that is

  • shmeckylembeck

    #19 is Lyndsy Fonseca, right? from Kick-Ass and Hot Tub Time Machine…

    • Mitbl001

      More importantly – she’s Teds daughter at the beginning of every second HIMYM episode.

  • JT1120

    #3 won't be found at Five Guys. Somebody buy this girl a burger.
    #6 Really? Can't wait till your grandkids see those tatts all saggy, wondering WTF you were thinking.
    #19 Lyndsy is so TOTALLY hot.

  • ryan

    Number 3 has one sexy body and very cute!!!!

  • Guinness

    #8 leeninek

  • Big Al

    #2 you win.

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