Amazingly clever buildings and structures around the world (36 HQ Photos)

  • freddy boy

    What a great freaking post, Chive.

  • grrregg

    #18 Paul Allen's Jimi Hendrix Museum/music museum/recordingstudios/performancestage/bar at the Seattle Center. Looks much better from a distance when you can see all of it.

    • Macario2

      I love Ghery's work generally speaking, but this is like a monster which lies to rest and die coming out from Seattle's Port…. a huge mess, I would say

  • Bar

    #19 (Krzywy Domek) is in Poland; Sopot I think.

  • Fishboy

    #21 – Dynamic Tower in Dubai – although as far as I'm aware these are just architect's mock-ups and the building of the real thing hasn't even started yet!

    • Reboot

      and…probably never will.

  • Mike

    #8 looks like a spartan helmet almost KCCO

  • TDog

    Can you put the locations?


    #16 Lotus Temple in India, possible one of the coolest religious building I have ever visited. The acoustics inside were just phenomenal!!

  • Seattlebandit

    #18 emp seattle!

  • Falthor

    #32 Niagra Falls, Clifton hill…

    #5 Montreal Quebec, olympic stadium.

    #21 I have no clue but it blew my mind.

  • ViewtifulJesse

    Am I the only one who thinks # 16 looks like a Bond villain's missile-launching secret lair?

  • Anonymous

    #5 is old and starting to fall apart. It’s nice but Montreal need’s to replace it with something up to date before someone actually get’s hurt.

  • Alan

    #10 is in Rotterdam
    #26 is the Atomium in Brussels

    #21 is a cool concept, but good luck getting it built and occupied.

  • Kyle R

    #1 Crazy to see my old Loft on the Chive…in the back left behind the parking garage of Books Downtown Kansas City, MO

  • Waldo

    #27 is a restaurant in Natchez, MS called Mammy’s Cupboard. Best turkey sandwich and pie!!

  • Josh H.

    #18 Seattle Center. Took a picture of that place, but only of the silver part near the bottom of the pic. No idea it was that huge.

    • Ryan

      Yeah that's the Experience Music Project designed by Frank Lloyd Wright I think.

  • Anonymous

    #23 is in Milwaukee. It was also in the last transformers movie.

  • Kath

    #23 is The Milwaukee Art Museum!!!! Milwaukee, Represent!

  • ...

    #5 is the Montreal Olympic Stadium and it would be a clever design if only the roof weren't so messed up…. like all the time. Though I think they have fixed it. And it looks a bit like a toilet…

  • 414chiver

    #34 Wisconsin dells

  • Ninja Cricket

    #36 That has to suck for boaters.

  • Donny

    34 is in Panama City

  • Anonymous

    #7 is in Montreal as well. IIRC, you aren’t able to see into any of the other windows when you look out from one.

  • DubCitySin

    Anyone notice it looks strangely similar to the main square on the first island in Infamous?

  • Mike

    man chive, would it kill ya to put a location with shit like this??

  • jim

    where is 36?

    • Chris

      Seoul, South Korea….on the Han River

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