• @unicornsRnice

    Patrick is a fucking boss. Are you bitching about the BFM shirt problems? Cry me a river, assholes, and try and have dry eyes after watching this. Chive On, Patrick!

  • Sneaky

    Any updates on this guy? This was 6 years ago.

    • dkassa

      he graduated college with a double major, one spanish i forgot the other. i have no idea what hes doing now tho

  • pinche viko

    my fucking respectss /,,/,

  • shaun cooper

    Hell yea, GO louisville cards!!!!! louisville is a great city and this is a shining example of that

  • Spud


  • Anonymous

    Patrick is the real hero and so as his dad. Best wish to u guys n love to see u soon.

  • Harvey

    here in Boston we have a story like that every year this father and his handicapped son run the boston marathon…Chive on

  • whodoube

    Wow. I just got schooled on how to be a man.

  • Melvos Love God

    What a majic set of parents, and the young bloke is no slouch either, they are great.

  • sdp

    Thats one hell of a man. Far more so than any of us beer pong playin, FLBP obsessed, horny college kids will ever be

  • Jammy

    This what Dad's do. We should celebrate the great Dad's more often

  • T. Bosson

    I know Patrick and his family personally, his younger brother has been my roommate for 2 years now. They are great people and have a wonderful family. Patrick is very musically gifted and speaks fluent Spanish, he has never let anything stop him. GO CARDS!

  • ArmsCantStretch

    Chive it's time to reevaluate your problems. You're video player fucking sucks!

  • Marine1

    Looking back on all of those times I have seen all the Chivers out there band together to help out someone. I think this is a very very very worthy cause. If all else we can ban together and help pay for his college.

  • HiGhOcTaNe21

    Amazing story. Not only is that young man my hero, but his dad is certainly one to look up to. The sacrifices he has made for his son brought tears to my eyes. Definitely gave me a whole new outlook on life and all of the wonderful privileges i have

  • Trioli

    Chive on Patrick And dad chive on

  • Blah


  • Sean McGee

    these two men ROCK! my allergies must be acting up…

  • Arrow

    I just went to Windsor Arms this week for high tea and it was quite an experience. I would like to go back with my frdnies one day. I tweeted to Windsor Arms suggesting to add macarons to the tower. That would totally make my day!!!

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