Found: Jessica Green (31 Photos)

Despite being one of the more beautiful women I've ever posted, very little is known about Jess Green. A Google Image search for Jessica Green turns up nothing. I was given a link to her Instagram page by one of our dashingly handsome Chivers. She updates the page frequently and you'll recognize a few viral images have launched from her instagram. However, the world still isn't buzzing about the girl yet.

Something tells me that's about to change. Enjoy Jessica….

  • Anonymous

    Some of these comments are awefully harsh … 1. Shes gorgeous
    2. Shes aussie
    About the only thing that could have made this line up better would be a chive shirt .

  • regcrim

    She's a cross between Jennifer Connelly and Lily Cole.

  • supertripodman

    she looks good in most of them, but there are a few where she looks funky, for instance, #3

  • Nark

    #30 Look at her stroke that cock….

  • xninnyxmugginsx

    shes hot bbuutt eyebrows much?

  • chivedaddy

    #17…….WOW! And who is Jess's friend? She is an absolute HOTTIE too!


    I think I need to stab myself in the heart

  • Marchisio

    i want it…

  • aurevoirgopher

    Give me a break…….weak at best!!!!

  • if i could i would

    id marry her

  • unreal

    Walking DRD

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  • Jess Green

    Follow me on twitter everyone. @JessGreen2
    Chive on

  • http://Thechive Bad ass

    #25 love that , I’m a dumbass, deer in the headlights look.

  • clint

    Ausssiee… best lasses out brah

  • matt


  • kaos

    i would do anything for her

  • IStealMilos

    It seems there are a lot of Jess fanatics here, lol…sighs

    Some facts to help clarify who Jess is because a few here have the wrong idea, the rest have no idea at all.

    She is very well known in Australia and the UK, and is highly sought after by many people from various agencies but she is fiercely loyal to GoldCoast. 🙂 You can see her currently on Australian Television, in printed articles, magazines, promotional ads, fashion show and one day in a Victoria Secret catalog. She doesn't use many social networks because she is rarely online however she's extremely intelligent, and has a typing speed of 70+WPM without even looking at the keyboard.

    A few of her accomplishments & interests include:

    – TV Actress / Motion Picture Actress
    – Dramatic Arts / Broadway Theater
    – Editorial / Runway / Lingerie / Fitness Model
    – Advertising / Catalog / Magazine Model
    – Sports Fanatic, Rugby & Footie
    – Surfer / Shortboards (not that longboard crap)
    – Fitness / Workout Training
    – Poetry & Creative Writing
    – Artist / Drawing / Graphic Design
    – Nightclubs & Freestyle Dancing
    – Gourmet & Pastry Chef

    To the people complimenting, Thank You, Your support is appreciated! =D

    To the haters, What carries more weight? Millions of fans or a few users on the net? nuff said.

  • rinalds

    wow she is hot ,im a big fan of your show alien surf girls. . you are super hot.

  • rinalds

    jess you are hot,im big fan of your show alien surf girls. .. you are super hot..

  • SBa

    She looks like the result of "if they mated" between Audrina (mtv's the hills), and Megan Fox. And still, with the looks and the big fake boobs…a nobody. Pretty sure she will not make it big time. Meanwhile the Kardashians… Lol

  • Anonymous

    She is simply amazing.

  • babaganush

    That's a deussie

  • Lax maniac

    She is so hot!!! I just cant take my eyes off of her. I wanna go over to australia now

  • Dude#1

    She's Australian. She did 26 episodes as main character Kiki on the show "Alien Surf Girls" 2011-2012. She's so hot it hurts…

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