Grand Marnier Mix-a-Moment Madness begins. We need your suggestions! (2 Photos)

In honor of the NCAA tournament, Grand Marnier and theCHIVE have teamed up to create our own special party bracket. The purpose of the Mix-a-Moment bracket is to answer the greatest party questions of all time: If you could have one great drink, who would it be with, where would you have the drink, and what music would be playing?

We're going to let you decide that definitive drinking moment but first we need your help to complete the brackets. Right now one Wild Card slot remains in each bracket. We need you to sound off in the comments to let us know who/what you think that last person, place, and music should be.

Also, if you have any special Grand Marnier drinks, give us your recipe and we'll add it to the vote as well.

In two hours, we'll take the top 5 suggestions from the comments and let you vote on them. Before you make a suggestion, check out the already-established field of competitors below. The official bracket goes live on Facebook at midnight tonight. Sound off below!

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