I miss college….(55 Photos)

  • Twigfinger

    #17 Girl on the right. Find her please.

  • Geoffrey

    i filled out my bracket based on the schools listed here

  • TDog

    22! Go Cyclones! Beat UCONN

  • jeff

    #28 I love shiny pants almost as much as yoga pants

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop/LoftAbroad mlynn

    #19 is awesome! and they're pretty cute. – Texas Chivette

  • Bonjo89

    My choice is her!

  • Fuckin guy

    #14 ” went Edward 40 hands last night while shotgunning natty ice. Now I’m walking funny.”

  • sit ubu sit good dog

    #49 I see them getting sexy , think it might be time to get my gear off and try my luck

  • Anonymous

    #39 my alma mater and condolences on having that much Keystone Light.

  • VA Chiver

    #42 You really showed them

  • Always Last


  • GreenGirl


    I was on that roof last year! KKCO from MSU!

    Also, when 20 feet in the air while drunkenly wandering the roof of a frat you have to remember to Keep Calm and Sparty On as well 🙂

    • GreenGirl

      Aw fuck, KCCO.

  • etcrr

    #16 That's the truth

  • chelsea


    since when is it cool to use someone, disrespect them, treat them like shit, then put it out on public display as if it's something to be proud of?? you're cool because you did that? i don't get it…

    way to go guy! big high five! you're capable of being a huge asshole! good for you!!!!

  • Timothy

    #40, nice to see some more South Dakota Chivers KCCO

  • Seriously

    aaaa…you'RE a toad…you should change your name to uhhh.

  • Chris

    #28? Made my Hockey day

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  • Tommyknocker

    #10,#24 I believe there's a connection….

  • CaptainObvious

    #53 Let me guess, you're a good girl who has no idea what a "train" is.

  • pedobear

    #41 nice always sunny reference

  • http://siriusswag.tumblr.com Carlos

    The women in this post… holy fuck.

  • http://siriusswag.tumblr.com Carlos

    #43 finally someone I know.

  • Finn_The_Human

    Only light beer, really?!

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