• FirstandForemost


  • FlimFlam

    i like the song

    • Blake

      Glitch Mob – We can make the World Stop

  • woolanoow

    Son name plz anyone?

    • Drew

      The Glitch Mob – We Can Make The World Stop 🙂

      • JDB85

        Thank you sir.

  • Dantheloser

    If by outside you mean the whole galaxy, then I'm already there! The only small problem is, there's some sort of Reaper infestation going on right now…

  • Drew

    The song is by: The Glitch Mob, title: "We Can Make The World Stop"

  • steve

    my outside doesn't look like they're outside

    • thereugo


      • StaticFX

        🙂 he even put the proper apostrophe in while misusing it.


        • http://matter.com Fkn Nick, Duh

          too bad he fixed it before you made your lame comment, douchemeister

  • why not?

    Pretty badass

  • Aske M

    Why do I have a normal life!… Normal life sucks -.-

    • yup

      Dont feel bad… they just have rich parents who support them in such expensive sports… even the chicks get their looks from their "trophy moms" that dad only got cuz he had a load of dough… These people aren't real…… you are real.

  • Sir Milf

    I'm pretty sure this is just the GoPro camera promotional video.
    I hope it is anyway, cuz if I hear this song put to another extreme sports compilation I'm going to gouge my eardrums out with a potato.

  • justcme

    My outside looks like work. Thanks Chive. 😦

  • coocoocuchoo

    I was just thinking it was about time to dust off the old Jet!

    • steve

      lol this made me laugh waay too hard. but then i started thinking you might actually have a jet which would be pretty cool

  • gpzbeaner


  • PoopleDinosawr

    All the women in this video…. find them. (and bring them to me)

    • coprolite

      the lesson here is that, while women can do awesome extreme stunts like these, they don't have to because tits.

  • A.T. thruhiker

    cool video- I hope the irony isn't lost on anyone… I'm going outside now.

  • KayMan

    while watching this vid the rain started to pour…thanks a lot Mac

  • el chatz

    This made me go outside, and play with the ant pile.

  • Lifeinthecube

    I hate my life

  • =kyle=

    I need a hobby… NOW!

  • 54adam

    Very cool.

  • hondo

    Way cool. Thx Chive.

  • SLC Chiver

    I'd rather watch a ski movie.

  • 0_0

    I need a career change

  • RealZoo

    Simply awesome.

  • Connormilne

    Damn, now all I want to do is go outside and play

  • Matt

    I am officially in love with that video!

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