• http://twitter.com/chacon_danny @chacon_danny

    i want to do everything i just saw. everything

  • sam

    OMG. the scene with the sleigh dogs at 1:00 is AWESOME!!

  • naluukti

    This makes me want to go outside, but it also makes me want to see someone try to make an epic video of normal people doing normal things in a normal way.

  • etcrr

    amazing stunts and they make it look so easy and effortless

    • eat me stan

      you make being an idiot look easy and effortless..

  • AWOL

    Snowboarding in the winter and mountain biking/ cliff jumping/ camping/ hiking in the summer. Now I need a chivette. (530)

  • http://google.com Alex

    Where can I watch this in HD? TheChive video quality sucks dick. Most of these clips were taking from GoPro and Red Bull, even the song was taken from the Go Pro HD Hero 2 montage. Please include links to real HD videos and make HUMP Day everyday. No one gives a fuck about cats and double/triple posts of "I do what I want/signs full of WTF" HUMPS and HD, HUMPS and HD, HUMPS in HD.

    • http://google.com Alex

      Nevermind. I wrote that post about half way through the video. I googled Awesome X and found it. More HUMPS THOUGH.

  • Eder St. Cool

    damnit chive!! you made me feel worthless with this post. Now I have to pick up a new hobby….

  • Mahmoudy

    What type of planes are those?

    Anybody know?

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