• FirstandForemost

    Aww very cute

  • pufffdragon

    Anyone else want a minute of their life back??

  • etcrr


  • Anon

    TIL that pumpkins are like catnip to red pandas

  • Brian

    Master Shi Fu gets the dumpling idea from his love of pumpkin.

  • acehobo

    barrel roll

  • NickBurnin8

    I now understand how pandas are too dumb to breed.

  • Eder St. Cool

    So THIS is how my gf sees me when I attack her boobs….

  • Jack o' lantern

    Why do so many chivers like Halloween?

    Because they get to pump kin.

  • Keith

    turns out the panda was really having seizures lol

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  • Anras

    don't lie chive, everyone knows he was practising his ninja rolls…

  • tomtom

    advertisements suck

  • Muzzy Muffster

    He's a master of Capoeira. Pow!

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