Somehow I doubt these tattoos will go over as well as planned (21 Photos)

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  • Jared S

    #21 i remember my teen rebellious stage…i just drank and stayed out real late…

  • Ken

    #5 is actually kind of funny! #9 clever but nasty! A big WTF on #26!!

    • Who

      I don't see a problem with #26..she just likes a bunch of dicks all over her face..

      • Ken


  • sweet

    #30 The power of Chist compells you. The power of Chist compells you.

  • Carlos

    … What the fuck is wrong with the human race?

  • techprep23

    300 million sperm and these are the ones that get through wow this world is messed up

  • Dan

    #30 Make sure your tattooist has made it through 4th grade English before you get a written tattoo.

  • meantux

    #26 too easy!

  • DeRaNgEd

    #26 Dickhead?

  • sfb101

    Shirts… Damnit

  • Mern

    #15. Would suck to be that stupid

  • Althing

    #17 I loved that book when I was a kid!

  • MarthaJeane

    #26 what a dickhead

  • junior

    #30 hey chive knew this scripture was misquoted…you guys haven't been reading the bible have you?

    • junior

      oh…I didn't notice the misspelling…it is a misquote as well

  • Dingle

    Obviously a message to his fellow inmates while they rape him.

    • twoedges

      nice tramp stamp, he's def getting raped in prison

    • huh what

      may as well tattoo bewbs on his back for the inmates too ….

  • Jordan

    #29 his artist is pretty fucking good. To bad he is retarded

  • LoyalHoustonChiver

    I don’t want to live in this planet anymore…

  • Diesel57

    No fuck you #16.

    • say what

      he wishes, me guess forever virgin

  • spicticus


  • Ken

    #24… clearly a hard core lesbian! And its NOT a flower! More like meat curtains!

    • BloodScrubber

      Clearly also an Aries. You don't see the Ram? 😉

  • Trav

    Should get one saying ‘Help me, Jeebus!’

  • bm00re

    Does looking at these piss anyone else off? How stupid can people be?

  • the inquisition

    So #26 likes long walks on the beach?

  • Noidios

    #13 #30 Why is it always the bible freaks that can't spell basic words?

  • Swamp1983


  • asdfl

    28 is fake

    • asdfl


    • Mike

      28 isn’t fake. Dick. The story is. Now go fuck yourself with a broken beer bottle.

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