Somehow I doubt these tattoos will go over as well as planned (21 Photos)

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  • Mike

    I hope every person on here contracts Hepatitis from the needles.

  • ChronicUser

    What do you call it when you have an awesome feeling # 1… a Sweet Pee #11

  • 11th Airborne

    Ok, bad tattoo decisions but at least they all DRIVE better when “their” stoned.

  • LukeTheTerrible

    I'm starting to think seriously about opening a tattoo removal parlour.

    • Couvs

      and forcing these sad beings into it? 😀

      clearly the gene pool needs more chlorine…

    • Sue Acide

      Wrong. This makes it easy to identify societal waste. If anything, you should open up a people removal parlor. Let me know if you’re hiring.

  • o.c.

    half of the these people are stupid, the other half just needs to stop doing meth

  • Couvs

    #5 was mildly amusing. #19 looks far too proud of the statement she's making. #28 – PhD – Piled high & Deep by the look of it.

    • jaydub2xx

      anybody notice the small picture doesnt look pixelated (#19) when its that small….just sayin

  • Schadeboy

    #15 You come anywhere near my daughters and I will make those claw marks a whole lot more real than they appear.

  • that guy

    wtf was this idiot thinking

  • jacob

    #28. Girl cheated on her bf. She wanted a tattoo from him, that’s what he gave her.

  • Ovlov

    Is number 19 photo shopped!

  • egodeus59

    #28 Never cheat on your tattooist!

  • Danielle

    #30 Find the swastika

  • Brad

    #29 Find the swastika

  • Chammy

    #33 Christ spelled way wrong

  • @dominicreina

    #16 – Nice tramp stamp, tough guy!

  • piss of kid


  • Shinrahunter

    #20 look at that fucking ear hair!!

  • Face

    #29, fuck this racist POS

  • Mike

    #14 is great. Also, what's a Chist?

  • Kyle

    That's it — bring on the giant meteor.

  • mateo

    #11 Diabetic?

  • Ali

    #30 I'd like to buy an "R"

    • twoedges

      better to buy a gun instead

  • Grewsome

    #26 Wow. Sinead O'Connor really let herself go.

  • kirah

    #15 ….seriously WTF?!

  • guest

    #16 sweet tramp stamp bro

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