The cat that had no f#@ks to give (17 Photos)

  • EasternCanuck

    Now that's a laid back cat… Clone him and you'll be a millionaire.

    • whodoube

      Indeed. Reminds me to chill.

  • ?????

    Fuckin gay

  • Sturve

    pussy joke

  • DrBoogie_R32

    This is what happens when the cat nip and marijuana get mixed up.

    • Theresa

      My cat ends up just staring at the wall, then slumps over….while still staring at the wall

      • DrBoogie_R32

        Makes sense, that is what I do when I get into the cat nip. o.0

  • twavor

    I like cats…they taste like chicken.

    • Puun Tang

      No they don't

      • Hank my Dank

        Yes they do. Just gotta feed em a little chicken first

    • Ravienne_Cullen

      ALF! Quit eating the neighbor's cats! They're getting upset!

  • SolidusSnake420

    #6 ……..are cat mushrooms hallucinogenic?

    • tjw

      Indeed, I believe they are named 'Liberty Cats'… (psychedelic mushroom joke)

  • Anonymous

    why would they put an old turd on a cat…..#11

  • Joe

    Did you mean to post this on TheBerry?

  • misschris

    #11 Do I even want to know what the f*ck that is on top of his head on the last picture?? Yikes

    • Plurp

      Its one of those tree seed pods. I don't know what kind of tree but they had them by my grade school 35 years ago.

      • R Borist

        Honey Locust seed pod

        • misschris

          Oh. Well that's not so scary. I thought it was some big damn slug or something. Well played friends.

          • Unfkngblvbl

            Don't feel bad, I thought the same thing

    • Jeff

      It looks like a Tamarind, or a purple potato. The real questions is, How many people realize those are Gooseberries on his paws?

    • Joe

      "go for it. Shit on my head. I DONT GIVE A FUCK"

    • Khaqan J

      A Tamrind… Now that is one Sour Puss… Just sayin

  • Anonymous

    Laid Back Cat gives no fucks

  • Rusty

    #4 Nicki Minaj kitteh

    • Comfortable Slacks
  • luckyB

    how much catnip and prozac did you give to this furball??

  • KeepCalmDriveOn

    #16 you're just happy to be here

  • BostonChiver.

    #17 Boss kitteh

  • GoForth


  • Dan

    #12 Must be the happiest cat in the world. Nothing fazes it.

  • LoyalHoustonChiver

    Wtf? Is it Saturday already?

  • LucretiusCarus

    Seriously. Wtf is it with people and retarded pictures of cats? Will this meme never die? It surely makes me die a little inside every time I see this shit.

    • AlMart

      Why don't you just skip to the boobs, or gaps, or whatever else you come to the CHIVE for, and don't click on the pics you DON'T want to see? That makes a lot more sens than crying like a little bitch because people post pics you don't like. I'm betting you're a Republican…

      • LucretiusCarus

        Not sure what being a republican would have to do with it (registered democrat, incidentally). And I didn't actually view any of the pics. I went straight to the comments to piss and moan because I don't fuck around.

        I hate the cats and I will say so ever time there's a post about it. That's just how I roll.

        • AlMart

          I don't know. I was around before the internets, and i see cats as a cornerstone of our web-based society. I guess you must be a rebel, or something. As far as Republicans, they seem to whine and moan about things that they don't like. ALOT. Just like you did. Maybe you should fuck around abit, as you seem very tense and uptight. Also, Sarah Jessica Parker kinda looks like a horse…that's a good meme that still has some life in it, since you hate cats.

    • not cool

      How many cat posts left to kill you off? Cos I'm willing to spend the time on the submissions.

      • LucretiusCarus

        It's gonna take a few. I've got plenty of fight left in me. I can vent spleen and vitriol about cats for many years to come. Bring it on, Mr. "not cool".

    • AmHere

      Your computer didnt open to these pictures itself. WTF are you clickin if you dont care to see it? Some people are just to sloooowwwww to grasp a sane thought! How about next time DONT click to look!

      • LucretiusCarus

        How about next time you read the whole thread. See above. Douchenozzle.

        • boohoo

          Quit your bitchin. You weren't hit enough as a child. Going out of your way to click on a post just to bitch and moan, just stop. Go fuck around somewhere else assclown.

    • Theresa

      I wish youd die a little more outside

  • John


    Feels good, man.

  • reebus

    first of all, best title for this photocluster. Secondly, talent is when one can go from asian to caucasion in the span of 2 seconds

  • KayMan

    my question is…Do cats ever give a fuck?

    • matt

      try patting them in the opposite directions and see what happens

    • rphilman1

      Check what happens after their food bowl is empty! 😉

  • Powder

    Are we making a cat salad?

  • Jack Spectre

    "And it was commanded, 'Let there be objects placed upon the head of a cat, and let these images be recorded and distributed to the masses, in they mercy.'"

  • SadeShadz

    #9 This is so adorable. P.S, cats never give a fuck in the first place!

  • that_ALBANIAN_guy

    #1 Herro. We have much good produce. You buy now!

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