Virgins 4eva! (28 photos)

  • tattie bogle


  • English_Rob

    are those the arms from a chair?

    at least he isn't doing the hand hover thing and is actually touching them.

  • @Octane05

    #3 is a Protest.

    But what is #9 about?

  • Nishtai

    #28 I see a Restraining order in his near future

  • Alex

    #3 Find Her!!!!!!!!

  • RJW


  • jer

    #11 I think they got it confused with phoenix az

  • etcrr

    you can say that again

  • ost

    I would take #15's virginity.

    • DanFromDetroit

      Then move to Portland OR. I see this toolbox all around town, he's incredibly annoying.

  • Bob

    #4 needs serious help

  • Olea

    I gotta admit, #7 is really fuckin awesome and I’m kinda jealous

  • sureman123

    #28 stalker level 99+

  • BigManJones

    This is just a bunch of shitty pictures off of the other places on the internet that were either already posted there, or people forgot about.

  • Rahm Emanuel

    Ask your mom…yeah I said it!

  • Clint_Schmitty

    As much as it can be tiring to read these, how is it that a dedicated Chiver like myself recognizes double digit re-posts on galleries like this, but the person posting this gallery doesn't? Do they not spend all day browsing The Chive like I do?

  • Andrew

    #16 – that would actually attract a lot of bitches, bitches love cupcakes

  • kyle

    #28 there was a guy who supposedly cheated on his wife? I think his daughter contacted a radio show I listen to frequently and told the story.

  • Anonymous

    Brenda? I h8 the Biatch.

  • D4M;G3Inc.


  • etcrr

    #24 wins

  • Anonymous

    I hope Brenda knows about this

  • amplidudes

    #28 sorry, my name is Brendah

  • Anomanom

    Please don't post any more pics of #4. Chris-chan has polluted the internets with more than enough fail already.

  • @danieljillm

    #24 Find the one on the right…..or the puppy dies

  • Uncle SAMs misguided child

    #24 is totally doing it right…. While he may not score with those hotties he probably can be pretty ballet with the nerdy female population \m/ good for him

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