Hump Day: Turning men into ass guys since 2008 (64 photos)

Happy Hump Day Chivers! Thanks to everyone who submitted. We’re still a couple weeks behind with submissions due to the amount we receive so check back soon if you didn’t see your photo. On that note, you’re photo may have gotten reallocated to another gallery (Mind the Gap, Lingerie, Mirror Pics, etc) so don’t be discouraged. If you still don’t see your submission it’s not because you have a lumpy butt, it’s probably due to a poor quality photo or an extreme close-up of your poop shoot. Step up the quality and composition and you’ll have a better chance of making Hump Day!


    #42 Definitely worth getting fired from work today. Gah white boy shorts…

    • Truth

      #15 = spectacular #57 & #64 also

      • KCCO

        more needed of each please!!!

        • good samaritan

          #64 is Kaylee Carver

      • good samaritan

        #64 is Kaylee Carver

    • Dick Salad

      Getting fired over a picture is worthwhile? See you at the occupy rally with the rest of the degenerates…

      • MICHAEL

        No sense of humor, DICK !

    • ken

      #55 and #64 should be up here as well and you know it goddamit Michael!

  • BoredAtWork


    • baddog

      first ass-hat

      • BoredAtWork

        im sorry.. i just never get first on the chive. its like an achievement. and i ended up being second on this one. my bad..

        • Dan

          Im not even sure you guys look at the forum, but scroll down to the bottom to be "FIRST"! Soooooooooo GAY. anyways there is some good humps above. Why dont we stop caring who is fucking first and enjoy some bumms!

        • kekermahoney

          sooo close to being a "first" douche.. congrats on failing that epic award

    • Newfoundland


  • DereK 8 []

    I Know My Next Christmas Present!!

    • Cider Drinker

      Chive need to produce their own version of that flossy bow excuse of a hump holder!
      It would sell quicker than BFM

    • Scuba Steve

      I just want to unwrap it…

    • zinzat

      On a page of wonderful views, this one stood out for me too

  • CrispyAlt

    #1 says it all. Every Wednesday is a holiday.

    • Matt

      Best one IMO

  • Martin McFly

    #56 Oh My God… I want everything about her…

    • a$$man

      I only can see 2 things about her I want….right & left

  • Sean


  • Newfoundland

    #25, #57, #60 all day long please

  • akbrown006


    Just got sent home for having this enlarged on my computer scree. winning. KCCO

    • RealZoo

      Taking one for the team……..Congrats!

  • Matt


  • Vantastic

    #45 #55….i passed out for a little bit there. Keep'em coming!

    • thereugo

      Wonderful 55, just perfect! We're going to need MOAR of that ass. 🙂

    • that guy



    • M T L

      #55 So amazing. Mind blasting.

    • Yo Mamma

      #55 Re-post – not a first timer

      • Yo Grandmammy

        Matters not

    • bobby

      #45 I love when you can see the mound from the back.

  • Martin McFly

    #18 Wonderful Hump.. but PLEASE let us see your breasts! FLBP for the WIN!

    • Hermaba

      She needs to smile and have some fun 😦

      • Martin McFly

        Maybe you didn't notice the rather large boobs she has… I'm sure she is quite aware in regards to the meaning of the word "fun" 😉

    • Guest

      holy tits! chivette of the week PLEASE

      • 80's Baby

        agree with Guest.. This pic leaves too much to the imagination… MOAR

        • Chazz_B

          agree, she is spectacular

    • Trav

      Wow! Need to find this girl asap!

      • Trav

        I think she is the cover girl from the March 2 SC gallery…

  • HillBilly Bone

    Doing. It. Right. #55.

  • AssClown

    #36 Yes, that hump is indeed blindingly hot…

  • Vantastic

    #55…I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a HQ photo today….or any other day

  • @bckwdboi

    Very nice ladies. Hard to pick a favorite. They are all exceptional.

  • MacMan

    This is a fantastic version of Hump Day. Thanks Chive!!

  • echogeo

    #34 #47 #55

    "Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round!"

    • CrispyAlt

      Thumbs up for the Queen reference!

  • Cider Drinker

    #29 and #59 aarrrggghhhhh I fucking love humps!

    • gayboyjohn

      I think 29 is a guy……….

      • gayboyjohn

        I hope 29 is a gay

    • FunkyflugelEdtappan

      #59 is Sash Suicide. The photo has been flipped though. That tattoo is really on her left arm. And yes she is totally amazing.

  • John

    #20 and we have a winner

    • mike


    • zinzat


  • Jim

    #8 is tasty, #36 also quite yummy

  • Brian


    I brought my razor.

    • thereugo

      A repost because it deserves to be! Love dat ass!

    • Brian P.

      There can only be one Brian! So I made mine Brian P.

  • Lamboe

    #59 Sweet baby infant Jesus.

    • SixSeasonsAndAMovie

      By far the best of the bunch!

      • Funkyflugel


  • jean.

    Booty Booty Booty Booty, rockin everywhere. #13 #57 #61

    • hark1985

      Lord have mercy!!!! Everywhere miss Jean!

  • Spencer_on_Fire


    Bravo….just bravo.

    • aw253

      Sweet catholic ass!

  • BMore


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