Hungry? The best breakfast joints in America according to the Chivers (30 Photos)

We're breakfast junkies here at theCHIVE and two weeks ago, I posted some of the best breakfast joints that I'd ever been. But I also asked the Chivers for their favorite breakfast dives. These are some of your favorites...

  • Jon

    Ditto, Yolk is in Chicago. Annnnnd, there are better places to eat in this city.

  • Anomanom

    #15 I just ate there yesterday afternoon. Well, at the downtown location anyway. And I had the midnight train. And it was delicious.

  • daveh873

    #30 is awesome, but if you're eating beignets for breakfast much, you are gonna be laaaaarge. Those things are basically ultra doughnuts. Oh, and if you're going for the first time, make sure you get the regular coffee, not the chicory. That stuff is nasty.

  • ckruk

    PLEASE include Miss Shirley's in Baltimore, MD next time. It really is the best breakfast spot

  • Ninjaraptor

    Benton Park Cafe is effin amazing…BP Slinger makes waking up on a Sunday worth it

    • EZ-DUZ-IT

      YES!!! I live across the street and dominated a "McGriddle This" on Sunday morning. Chive On fellow STL Chiver.

  • http://chive alan t

    If you are ever in Jacksonville Florida you need to check out The Beach Hut aka “The Beach Slut.” Get the country fried steak and eggs! Ill be there for the cocktail party the third weekend in October so come join for a chiving good time. Go DAWGS!

  • berkshires

    #12 bayside skillet pretty good ocean city itself AWESOME!!

    • mattb

      oc represent

  • CJ

    So hungry. Can’t wait for the weekend now. No time on weekdays to enjoy breakfast. But Saturday has a feast of a breakfast coming.

  • Poster (not that lame ass 80's one from yor wall)

    # 6 I love your chivettes but that is NOT bacon. Good Night America

  • John Q.

    #29 looks amazing.

  • cp7

    #13 well done. so damn good.

  • Steve

    Where is IHOP's Country Fried Steak??

  • Nad$

    #14 is the greatest breakfast on earth. I would punch an elderly lady to eat it right now.

  • theRoddick

    #5 Gaycakes – not that there's anything wrong with that.

  • Bex

    I'm constantly in awe of the stuff you guys get for meals! Can't imagine eating hot dogs and chilli and things for breakfast! In the UK about the most extravagant thing you can get is a bacon butty…and i can't even eat those cos am veggie…but then you wouldn't eat it every day would you?

  • squosh


  • Anonymous

    beths is nothing short of pure magic

  • Joe

    Micky's Dairy Bar in Madison, WI, so many hungover meals were consumed there. I must say the pancakes is where it's at though.KCCO WI

  • fatscuba

    What! No place in the list for Rosie's Diner in Little Ferry New Jersey?
    When visiting from the UK I was shown the sites, Breakfast at Rosie's, Lunch at desk at work and Dinner in the Windows on The World Restaurant. A while ago, but still strong in my memory.
    If you're talking breakfast – Rosie's should be there – a traditional diner.

  • Doobsy

    Mmmmm Lamb Scramble sounds f uckin awesome!

  • newq

    #2 Beth's in Seattle has a typo. Poster meant 12 egg omelet!

  • BuckersAZ

    #20 Eat there All the time! Not even the best in Charleston but I like it a lot

  • skeleducky

    #30 is the awesome!

  • ECoop

    Snooze in Denver is AMAZING. I've never been without having to wait an hour to be seated.

  • okawesome

    #20 Hominy Grill, frankly, sucks. Overrated restaurant, bland food. Go to the Early Bird Diner instead.

    • ger

      Even Virginia's on King is better.

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