Hungry? The best breakfast joints in America according to the Chivers (30 Photos)

We're breakfast junkies here at theCHIVE and two weeks ago, I posted some of the best breakfast joints that I'd ever been. But I also asked the Chivers for their favorite breakfast dives. These are some of your favorites...

  • The Pict

    #17 Good to see some Stumptown Chivers stepping up and nominating one of their own, but is this place really better than Fat City's Cafe out on the West side?

  • Grey

    #11, Rama Jama’s, Roll Tide!

    • Meh

      Is there ANYTHING Alabamans say besides that ignorant phrase? Is that ALL you have going for you??

      • JDF

        Its IN Tuscaloosa. It SAYS it in the damn picture. What would you have us say; "Rama Jama's, low cost of living!" ?

        Get off your loser horse and bark up another tree, asshat.

      • 2BR02B

        Apparently you haven’t spoken with too many Alabamians. It’s quite inflammatory, and frankly pretty ignorant, to generalize the intelligence of a group of people based soley on where they come from and for having pride in their home team… which happen to be two year national champs. You are ridiculous and if it makes you feel better to make fun, go ahead. Also, the phrase Roll Tide is right on the front doors of Rama Jamas and is a bit of a slogan for them seeing as it’s the freaking THEME of the restaurant… Get a clue ass wipe.

        One more thing: ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!

  • srsly!

    #14 This place is incredible…. my husband and I eloped to Key West last year, and this was the first breakfast we ate as newly weds. Their food is fantastic.

  • He'sCookinOurGarbage

    Yea MD way to get a couple up there

  • kingblc

    I lived in both Ocean City #12 and Flagstaff #24. I am just happy to seem them listed.

  • FckingSunny

    #13 and #14 for the win!

  • stoolie

    The Blue Moon Cafe' in Baltimore is hands down better than Sip and Bite, but still love the Bmore love.

    All I have to say is this: Captain Crunch French Toast

  • Shat_Thrice


    God, I miss that place. Anyone in PhoAz wanna mail me a Pollo Loco omelet?

  • mj

    #24 Such an amazing place! My favorite did the Neptune, eggs bendict with lump crab instead of Canadian bacon.

  • Mr. J

    Sip N Bite is okay.

  • JessieBelle

    The Chef, Manhattan, KS. Mac n' cheese and booze for breakfast, FTW. ❤

  • Tyler

    It's a 12 egg omelet at Beth's cafe not 2….

  • -K-

    Walk up to the front door of #25, turn to the right, walk to the end of the block, turn left and walk a half-block to Pamela's. The food and atmosphere are much, much better.

  • Eli

    Traktor City & Snow City Cafe > (Only because I've never been to the other places)

  • wannabe

    I so so wish I lived in small town america. How wonderful this all looks. I shall save up and travel your many diners one day

  • Jimmy C

    How has no one said Chicken or the Egg in LBI, NJ? Open all night, BYOB.

  • tonesinclair

    #25 Deluca's, been there plenty of times, they have one of the best breakfasts I've ever had

  • Ian

    Red Arrow Diner is so good! Represent Saint A's

  • Andrew

    DeLuca's in Pittsburgh is the best goddamned breakfast in America, and you're full of shit if you think otherwise.

  • cosmicdenmother

    #30 Tourist Trap now owned by a Japanese company. A local would know better.

  • Dave

    #2 great stripper hang out after hours.

  • Dave

    Biscuts and gravy at my house sunday mornings. Better than I've had anywhere.

  • scott

    Tractor Room and Ramma Jamma's!!! My two favorite places in my two favorite cities! Roll Tide from San Diego!

  • Jeff O.

    Yah Red Arrow best place to go after a good night of getting shitty

  • Carlos

    Cafe du Monde in New Orleans and not Camellia Grill? Chivers don't know what's up.

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