Hungry? The best breakfast joints in America according to the Chivers (30 Photos)

We're breakfast junkies here at theCHIVE and two weeks ago, I posted some of the best breakfast joints that I'd ever been. But I also asked the Chivers for their favorite breakfast dives. These are some of your favorites...

  • etcrr

    #1 Red Arrow has awesome food great place to go and the Manchester Monarchs hang out there in the early mornings after games

    • Rick Derris

      shut up!

    • Kyle

      Not a fan… wasn't better than any other place I've been.

    • Stan sucks

      shut your hole!

    • et cetera

      Oh. This one's going south. Better delete it Stan.

      • Rick Derris

        he will very soon…..

  • @mecataylor

    Hash House in Vegas seriously has the best breakfast food I've ever had. We go every year for my Dad's birthday.

  • sparkyanubis

    Beth's Cafe in Seattle has the 12 egg omelette, not 2.

  • JerseyMatt

    #21, i live right near Princeton so i would go try this place out but those just look like regular pancakes in the picture a

    • Jim

      Not worth it. A standard Jersey diner has much better pancakes; Princetonians just love PJ's because it's the only breakfast place in town. The pancakes are pretty mediocre and they're also quite overpriced. Honestly, the Red Oak Diner down route 206 and the Princetonian on Route 1 have better pancakes, and that's not saying much.

  • Tex

    #1 Been there, done that, got the Heartburn! #10 work right down the street from here, will have to try it one day soon.

  • showtownman

    #7 That's what I'M talkin' 'bout.

  • Jim


    No. The atmosphere is nice, and people in Princeton see this place through rose colored glasses because, despite it being New Jersey, there aren't very many diners around and this is the only standard breakfast place in town (and it's so full of Princeton nostalgia that it's almost nauseating). Their pancakes are only ok, their other food just isn't worth it. Also, it's pretty overpriced. The "two-fer" breakfast (2 pancakes, 2 eggs and 2 sausage links) for $8.99 isn't a horrible deal, but otherwise you'll spend more than you would for superior pancakes just outside of town at the Red Oak or the Princetonian.

  • Jud

    Pepe’s in key west FL is better than the blue heaven

  • johkur

    Damn, I had a heart attack just looking at this!

  • rebecca

    What the McFizzle-pants?! Where's MN!?

  • Taylor


  • Martin

    Mmmmmmm. Food

  • Tyler roehr

    Mickies dairy bar! The best milkshakes you’ll ever have!

  • NAU

    I would love to know who sent in #24. I live right down the street from the place but I rather prefer the cranberry hazelnut french toast with strawberry butter. Flagstaff Arizona..pretty awesome

  • Rob

    Been to #6 #15 #20 #30

    Hominy Grill takes it, but none of these places can really live up to all the hype.

  • Maavus

    So psyched to see the Red Arrow diner. Born and raised in Manchester, that diner has always been a part of my life here. It is where my grand parents met while working in the cotton mills on the river.

  • jerky

    #8 best place!

  • Evan

    I love #13… Amazing food and super laid back

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  • tmann

    And again I say, check out Wolfgang's in Grand Rapids, MI

  • ang-oh

    The Pantry… Downtown LA

  • zacharylofton

    I was about to say something about du monde getting no love and then…boom. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

  • Aussie Kieran

    None of these things are breakfast foods! The idea of 'Merica kinda scares me…

  • Pat

    21 That is NOT crepes… are you kiddin me, the description has nothing to do with that picture…

  • boo58

    some of the best cinnamon rolls around the Puget Sound, worth the drive to Maltby for these rolls #8, watch the speed limit

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