Laziness is the key to procrastination (24 Photos)

  • etcrr 126p

    #3 #6 #8 Insert unoriginal comment here….

    • Martin McFly


      • etcrr 126p

        better not hurt my p rating, or I will cry!

    • Thejay

      Insert unoriginal "Insert unoriginal comment here" comment here

  • the dude


    • labatanga

      please…just, I mean this just has to stop.

    • YARDOE

      instead of "the dude" should be "the douche"

    • El Jefe


  • Unfkngblvbl

    #23 How else is the poor dog supposed to eat in that spot?

    • Unfkngblvbl

      *edit…I do recognize it could turn 90*, but the vent might get in the way and he/she couldn't reach the water.

      • stuff

        Are you handicapped?


    #19 This is brilliant! I have burned myself on hot noodles before. haha

    • SpacemanSpiff

      still don't wanna be the guy sitting on his left

    • that guy

      this is hilarious
      i might have to try it

    • majorfathead


  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #6 not lazy, just awesome

    • 6_Crack_rocks

      damn, meant #8

    • Don't be hatin

      Both right!

  • Jprecks

    #19 is fuckin smart

  • jr


    • Oli

      first to FAIL!!!

  • AssClown

    #16 #18

    TheChive is the key to Procrastination…oh yeah and also porn.

    • No You

      these two guys look like warcraft players.

      • Jesus

        Now the betting begins: which of the two guys pictured above do you think gets more poon?

  • digitalpimp

    #14 <insert stupid American joke here>

    • GernBlansten

      Funny, the signs and most of the people look Asian.

      But hey, they supposedly steal all our best ideas anyway……

      • Ted

        Its actually Africa.

        According to The Chive geography.

    • Jason

      Look closer and you will realize the pic is from Asia.

      • digitalpimp

        I think the guy above you explained my joke.

        • SMT

          And the guy above you showed why your joke fails.

          • TNS

            And the guy above you needs to re-define "joke."

            • that_ALBANIAN_guy

              And the guy above you is the guy above you.

              • coocoocuchoo

                and the guy above me is Albanian

                • Man Meat

                  Yea i'm part of something

    • Vinni Jones

      This is likely a photo from an MTR station in Hong Kong.

    • SpacemanSpiff

      Jokes about Americans are never stupid

      • GermanDoerksen

        Okay, so the comment was stupid. But dude, love the name. No one reads Calvin and Hobbes anymore!

        • calvin

          I love Calvin and Hobbes (have their 3 hardcover collectors thingy) where was the calvin and hobbes joke?

  • LucretiusCarus

    #4 Only on Philadelphia…

    #7 At least THIS one wasn't in the US.

    • MattyP

      #4 all you really have to do is switch the return address with the send too address. Use no postage, and gets returned to sender…

      • LucretiusCarus

        <Except that doesn't actually work. The optical character readers notice this scam. If the "send to" address is in the Zip Code in which the letter was posted and the return address is someplace different the machine will tend just to dump it in the dead letter bin if there's no postage supplied.

        USPS has been on to this urban myth scam for ages.

  • @chaoticbeauty6

    #3 thats just absurd… smh

    • tommytwotime

      I immediately thought to myself "ok this is the worst one" then I kept looking. Unfortunately and sadly, I was wrong

      • Falthor

        prepare to feel even worse then… the lady in the picture is actually a cancer survivor with a prosthetic leg that had only had her new leg for less then a week at the time. she used the segue because it was the only way she could take her daughter for a walk.

        • tommytwotime

          well fuck me…

      • Falthor
        • Rick_

          Fuck Cancer. Inspiring Story, but it's easy to see why people laugh at the image without knowing the history.

        • Rick_

          Thanks for the link though. Brightened up my day.

    • Rick_

      I thumbed you up because boobs. 🙂

    • MonkeyMadness

      I've seen this one on here A LOT because Chive is too damn lazy to find new ones. *Insert picture here of the guys at Chive not giving a fuck*

  • reaperMEDIC

    #18 Your virginity is safe here, and #24 also not MERICA they don't sell those fire helmets in the U.S.

  • coop_a_loop55

    This is just sad ….

    • Sponge Worthy

      If you saw how many stairs there are, you'd understand. Hong Kong's subways are very deep and the stairs/escalators very long. See any fat people in that escalator line?

  • echogeo

    The norm more often than not.

    • Pete

      Yep, and f'ing scary if you're using the road near them

  • jasgat66

    #22 Our government at work… Sad

  • DarkSeraphim

    This gives me no hope for the future……..Nevermind the future is gonna be bad ass. Advancing in technology to make people more and more lazy!

  • MattConlee

    No, the internet is the key to procrastination. Laziness is the key to being fat. Trust me, i would know.

    • Paul

      So… what, that makes you a stupid fat bastard..

  • GernBlansten

    I have long subscribed to the philosophy of the Lazy Genius. Simply put, I find the easiest way to do something right the first time, so I don't have to expend energy doing it over again.

    • socalmarti

      Didn't Bill Gates say he hired the laziest people he could find for the same reason?

    • majorfathead

      The man who was too lazy to fail…. Brilliant short story

    • BigHeadEd


  • Verbal_Kint
  • Buford_Justice

    #17 thats just dedication

  • Guest

    This site is starting to really suck. Can't get your shit together to sell T-shirts, and you can't make a new post without including a dozen old pictures.

    • Guestsbrother

      You are a freaking idiot. You think the site sucks because it isn't original but also bitch because you can't get one of the site's shirts? If you don't like Chive, why would you want one of their shirts? I love you but damn, you so stupid.

    • Ballerado

      I have a great idea. Start YOUR OWN site with the things YOU want to see! Let us know how it works out!

  • Skedaddle

    Procrastinators: leaders of tomorrow.

  • bug_

    #9 this person sucks

    • Sole of my shoe

      Bruins suck…and you're ugly

      • mean

        Not nice.

  • porcelain

    You spelled Americans wrong.

    • Nietzsche

      I love how all these people think it is fun to bag on the Americans but fail to grasp the reality behind the images. It has nothing to do with geography; it is the human condition. Eventually all societies advance to a point where obesity and, it's natural side-effect, laziness becomes the norm. Pain and suffering keeps the body lean and strong.

  • tawlker

    #17 I've been that hungover. I totally get it.

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