Military KCCO Presale Starts Tomorrow!

By popular demand from our men and women serving in the armed forces, we bring you the Military KCCO -sneak peek HERE. We want to make sure all military personel and veterans can get this shirt so we are opening it up for presale on Thursday, March 15th at noon PST.

Since it is a presale we cannot sellout but you won't receive the shirt until Thursday March 29th-March 31st*

This presale is open to enlisted military personel (including officers ;), veterans and the friends and family of soldiers who may be deployed and don't have the means to order/receive the shirt. You do not need a military ID to purchase this shirt, but if you are not currently serving, a veteran, or friends / family, please do not order this shirt until after the presale.

-100% cotton (not as thin as the traditional green KCCO)
-The KCCO logo has been lowered to allow for use under uniforms
-The reversed flag is on the right sleeve by popular vote
-Additional items purchased with the KCCO shirt will not arrive until 3/29-3/31*
-Limit 5 shirts per order

*If the order is being sent anywhere outside the US, especially oversees, it could take an additional 1-2 weeks


    Exactly how are you going to make sure that only the military folks get ahold of these shirts?

  • Higgsypoo

    Camp Walker, South Korea!! Got my alarm set for 0400! Great idea to do pre-sale/order for the other KCCO shirts. Stay Army Strong!!

  • Ruck_Over

    So a buddy of mine who's an Air Force vet e-mailed me this morning and asked to grab him a shirt (I'm grabbing a Marine Corps OD as I am a hard charging USMC Vet – 1811 baby, the only thing I feel when I kill is platform rock… ), anyway… I don't have a clue what color shirt that would be and I'm to embarrassed to ask him. Can someone educate this sell propelled sandbag?

  • Stephanie

    Hoping to get one for my Navy husband today! He is so excited for this shirt he messaged me to see if I can buy one for him before they are sold out!!

  • mikael

    just put an order for the blue shirt. east coast time 2:30…cant wait!


  • Charlie

    Just ordered some, thanks for supporting active military and vets, Chive On!

  • Sam

    Just ordered my Navy Blues for my ODU's, GO Coast Guard!

  • SaMrEyE

    Thanks CHIVE I Got ONE from a OEF and OIF Army CableDawg VET GO ARMY!!!

  • tangoNine

    Got the sand for me and my bro's – active and retired US Army 525MI

  • Tampa airport hates The Chive

    Chive, as a civilian working for the military, I spend a lot of time in the Tampa airport (Tampa is home to Central Command as well as Special Operations Command). You should know their airport wifi has The Chive blocked. I keep calm, get on my 4G network, and chive on!

  • Luke Allen

    Hi Chive and fellow Chivers, I word in UK Police and work very closely with USAF base in the UK. Would I be able to get myself one? The lads on base would love if i was wearing this under my uniform!!! 🙂

  • Hasan

    I want one..?=( are they all sold out now..?

  • Paul

    will these ever go on sale again? i have a buddy over seas and a brother in the coast guard that would have loved these.

  • DesertWolf

    They said you would receive your shirts March 29-31, mine didn't make it, so just checking to see if some did get theirs. Keeping my fingers crossed mine come in Monday.

  • Jay

    Haven't received mine either.. I'm kinda wondering what the status is..

  • ET1775

    Hey CHIVE, how about an update post? I am waiting for my presale order to arrive. Can't wait for it to get here!
    Thanks again for supporting the Armed Forces.

    Semper Fi

  • Dirty Dawg

    x2 on an update.

  • DesertWolf

    I contacted The Chivery Customer service about it and here is the reply I got

    "Thanks for writing! Your order hasn't shipped yet because the Military Keep Calm shirt was sold on a pre-sale, and was not available for immediate shipment. We tried to make that as clear as possible on the site, but I'm sorry if there was any confusion! We expect to have all of these shirts printed and shipped in the next 2 weeks, and you will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail as soon as the order dispatches."

    So don't hold your breath, looks like it is going to be a some more waiting. Not quite the timeline Chive stated, but I suspect they got hit pretty hard on the orders.

    • suckafree

      Maybe an E-mail would be good right?

      • DesertWolf

        Something at least, if they say the shirts will be delivered a certain date and know they won't be, would be nice to let people know this.

    • rq127

      I agree it says in BOLD print you will receive the shirt by march 29th-31st, so no biggie, but a little clarity would have been nice it's the 7th of April as I write this and no shipping yet for me

  • lavian

    i ordered mine and i have not received it yet? was there any delay in the shipping?

  • Phillip Streifel

    When will these be available again? I didnt get one because i was PCSing that day

  • Felicia

    I got my shipping confirmation on the 31st so I'm hoping it's in today!

  • Jason

    Anymore updates?

  • Danny

    Man I missed it I really want one just learned about the chive not too long ago

  • Titus

    When can we expect these to be available again?

  • suckafree

    Has anyone received these shirts yet?

    • roguedoginternational

      No, not yet. Update post Chive???? Come on now, people paid a lot of money to help support you and the troops!

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