• sketchent

    i would drown, it would be a spectacular failure

  • CrimzenSymphony

    being towed by a watercraft underwater with a wing that lets you go up and down rapidly… genius
    having it approved by star fox for barrel rolls… priceless!

    this really does look fantastically fun, and a good alternative for scuba or snorkeling for amount of ground covered

  • @JoshDWReeve

    I used to want to see 21 jump street….. not anymore.

    • Mark

      adblock plus.

  • Ty-Ty

    Sweet, hook your friend up and go trolling for sharks.

  • Parker

    Over priced

  • http://twitter.com/EirikGr @EirikGr


    You're welcome!

  • jrodazz

    Oh I would absolutely wear a tux under my wetsuit with this thing.

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