• JDB85


  • Master_Rahl

    LOVE the look he gives her as he pops the cap off the beer… and drops it on the floor. It's all about the attitude. Funny clip.

  • beaner

    I effin love remi!!!!!

  • BJammin

    There is an Easter egg in the game Crysis 2 where they pull a Remi video but its the one where he is having a disco party in the elevator.. funny stuff to look up if you havent seen it.

  • Emily

    Rémi Gaillard, quel homme !!!

  • Jake

    Best idea EVER!

  • Stephen

    Remi kart is where its at whipping banana peels at cars. Kills me every time

  • FrenchGuy

    Il déboite!! Pas la meilleur de ses vidéos par contre… mauvais choix, il y en a des bien meilleurs!!!

  • Wesley Gardner

    Reblogged this on Wesley Gardner and commented:
    Might be his best elevator work yet.

  • Futbolero

    every European that listens the music has chills all over

  • ros

    what's the music?

  • Da Sandman

    awesome how the guy stays cool while the chick is lhao ^^

  • zacharylofton

    Stuck in a small room watching soccer for eternity = hell.

  • gunther

    that was stupid

  • Beatriz

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