Boss is out of the office — get the white board (44 Photos)

And we wonder why we’re in a recession. In Hong Kong…you’d already be dead…

Via Markercomp

  • Tim

    How many penis did u have to erase?

  • Ben

    Someone has some serious art/drawing skills.
    Nice work.

  • DubU2Death

    #21 MOAR

  • Scotty

    #21 Hello, you don't know me, but I don't give a shit. I need to get something off my chest. I hate people with perfect teeth. When I see someone with perfect teeth, I only think their parents were stupid cunts. The end.

    • Smitty

      Your a complete idiot…

  • Anonymous

    20 is best

  • lomwod

    #27 I'm calling shananagains. No one could ever be that bored with balloons, especially ones with smiley faces on them!

  • JimmyG

    #31 Please Please Find Her!!!

  • moar boar

    Brilliantly creative!

  • Gus

    interesting how they chose to crop #36…very interesting

  • SARmedic

    #36 FLBP, Burn It, Hump DAR, Moar, etc.

    • Charlie


  • Yelito


  • Sleezychips

    #36 let them free!! Flbp

  • etcrr

    I don't know who the artist is, but they have some talent

  • Johnny walker

    #21 idk what the drawing is but I don’t care the women its beautiful, the smile is beyond beautiful.

  • 11th Airborne

    Those clever office people!


    So clever.

  • Bisco

    #21 – Lets see MOAR

  • cianciabella

    THAT. was awesome.

  • alex

    Half of these people look like they are on cloud 9. Wink Wink. but really, they all look high.

  • Sundevil8181

    #36…wow…those are huge and that is with a thick sweater on

  • tommy2X4

    #31 "It's wabbit season!"

  • Jay

    #36, nice rack :). That is all.

  • Devin_Medrano

    #12 #21 #36 They're beautiful, we want more, you know what to do Chive!

  • Andy

    …And without a bra!!!

  • Always Last


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