Boss is out of the office — get the white board (44 Photos)

And we wonder why we’re in a recession. In Hong Kong…you’d already be dead…

Via Markercomp

  • N3MES1S420

    funny stuff, now get back to work slackers

  • rob

    #36 for FLBP…and less clothes preferably

  • Anonymous

    #36–LET’EM BREATHE!!!

  • Anonymous

    What office is this, and are they hiring?

  • BOSS

    You need to get your asses back to work and make your employer the money your supposed to be making for them. You act like your owed something in life and your not. What are you a bunch of fucking liberals. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie. That's all you people think. Now get to work!!!!

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