"Oh my God Becky, Look at her butt!"

    • yep

      the caption should be simply…. "one cup"

    • MartiniSteve

      First post wins it! Nice job man!

    • GimmieYoCookies

      Tunechi 😀

    • bisonrb01

      literallly the first thing i thought of when i saw this!! well played sir!!

    • sup

      "Last thing I remember before I woke up!"

    • etcrr

      great legs #1

    • Tiberious2.0

      HAHA, exactly what I was thinking!



  • mike hawk

    Is this guy seriously going to write “First!” ?

    • etcrr

      go wash the bullshit off your face cause you have bullshit all over it

  • Dr. Cagelove

    Trust me ladies, it will fit.

    • etcrr

      i see what you did there

    • Vindetta412

      dr. cagelove ftw hahaha solid caption

    • Vince


  • Texan

    "Is this thing on?

    • etcrr

      thats a 68 corvette i had one once and it was fast cause it was fast

  • sampsonsimpson

    Jill, look. it looks like a penis, only smaller

    • a$$man

      sampsonsimpson, I'm stickin 2 my story! Down by the beach, boooooooooooyeeeeeeeee-

      • corekshun

        *"right near the beach"

    • etcrr

      thank you ladies stunning and gorgeous

  • Boston baller

    Can you just post a high res wallpaper version please. With no words.

    • etcrr

      some people just want to watch the world burn

  • sdawson22

    You wanna stick what… where…???

    • etcrr

      awesom caption is awesome

    • this guy says

      maybe they need to stretch before that happens

  • rikooprate

    "Typical response when I ask for a 3 way…"

    • derp

      crossed neutral?

      • derp

        so u want downstaires to turn upstaires off

        • derp

          i can fit u one 2gang one way love i havent got any on the van

    • etcrr

      i like dogs but i cant have one where i live

  • Do0zer

    Caption it? Pppppppppppp. Doing a reverse picture search to find more as we speak…..

  • Kimmy

    I would love to suck his cock!

    • Robert

      I like it Kimmy-Dirty mind baby!! Keep it up.

      • ShakeyTheMoyle

        Kimmy is Asian for….it's a guy…'re move

  • navalaviationdudevabeach

    Ive never seen one that big before

  • J.E.P.

    Lets go ladies, they don't suck themselves!

  • Mycroft

    So many shoes!

    More importantly money!

  • Darrell

    Your getting sleepy..

    • Mr. Wiggles


      Also that was unfunny. Please don't try again.

    • Hebrew Hammer

      It's ok we all know you meant "you're"

  • beaner

    Reaction to finding a bag of Dicks…

    • Guest

      "Do you suck each one individually or like just the outside of the bag?"

      • RacerX2112

        and do you have to finish each one?

      • Catalystika

        Louis C.K. Nice.

  • Tony

    “if I say ‘Chivette’ three times into a mirror, this random fitty appears behind me everytime”

  • No You

    "you put what in our drinks?"

  • ryan

    Did we just see BigFoots dick????

  • dos

    what. is. this. chive. site.

  • James P

    FB trolling: For that awkward moment when you find out you mom is a bigger whore then you

    • try to get it right

      & I don't care about the typo

      • James P

        I was in a hurry, I will take more care next time, I hope you liked my comment.

      • YUP

        try to fuck off

    • chogme

      this one won. i couldn't even post another one after reading this one

  • Name


  • SweetAwesomeness

    I wish Chivers could bang us all day long….

    • VedHead77

      I read this in both Beavis and Butthead's voices.

  • BobGnarrly

    This one is hard…if you know what i mean

  • Joel

    That fart wasn’t dry.

  • Mikey

    "This is my sister Helga! I'm sure you two will get along great! You're such a good friend!!! xoxo"

    • gizzy55

      15 will getcha 20…

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