Chive Everywhere: Military, sexy wife, and girlfriend edition (54 Photos)

To celebrate the launch of the Military KCCOs today at Noon PST on theCHIVERY, we're saying thanks to the Chivers in our Armed Forces. Thanks for all your kind words, your submissions, and especially for your service. I'm humbled that we here at theCHIVE can help brighten your day. As many of y'all know I respond to as many of your emails as I can so don't hesitate to hit me up for any reason, especially if you're having a rough one, deployment isn't easy.

I'll be posting the regular, civilian Chive Everywhere tomorrow so if you submitted this week, check the site tomorrow morning. Now let's get to it...

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  • Jwh132395

    #53 before you take a pic trying to look all basses you should take the blank firing adapter off the machine-gun.

    • ammo1024

      Before you leave a comment trying to making someone else look like an idiot, you should make sure you’re right! That’s a dust cover to keep the barrel clean while the weapon is not in use.

  • aceboogy

    #25 maybe clean up down there a little…

  • Slow N Ez

    #18 Definitely not an Ogre. You look amazing just as you are. Keep safe and when you get home, send us more pictures of your fine self.

  • Jamie

    Great Post but……. #11 ??? That is a DAMN small kid for being 11 years old !!

  • Tyler

    #20 Who Is She?????? I need Moarrrr!!!

  • Brian

    Wooo! GO AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL!!! Finally made it on theChive 🙂

  • TheSimonizer

    #18 If you're an ogre, I've definitely watched the wrong Shrek….damn it!

    seriously tho, you are are absolutely gorgeous! never doubt it again!

  • Jimmy

    #18– Sexiest ogre i've ever seen! Thanks for serving and feel free to share MOAR!

  • Just Me

    103rd Cactus Division
    Patch caught my eye because my grandfather served in that Division in WW2

  • Ret_USAF_Chiver

    Thank you for giving some recognition and honor to The Real Heroes who make ‘The Chive’ possible. Freedom of expression is a valuable commodity that comes with a very high price, paid for by your military, that not all appreciate.

    #11 says it all!!!

  • Anonymous

    When will you guys be doing this section again! I’ll definitely send into this as a first time chivette!!

  • nightshift29

    #11 your son ages very well. hes very blessed
    #18 you aint no ogre. i wouldnt kick you out of bed

  • grrregg

    #18 An ogre? Not bloody likely.

  • Mr. McGibblets

    #42 I'd like to donate my services as a physical therapist…

  • ...

    Chive how did I miss this? D: I would have submitted for my sailor… I'm sad.

  • http://thechive thunder cat

    #20 my lord. Things I would do for my country. God bless America.

  • 556shooter

    #18 is a freaking doll! I think she is beautiful! Thanks for your service!! Have any more pics, maybe holding your rifle?? ; )

  • MRP

    #11 – 11 days old 🙂
    #41 – what it actually means is that education is a must for men and women

  • MRP

    #11 – or 11 weeks old

  • MatadorPride

    #54 Sweet mercy…the second pic is the best pose ever…what a gorgeous sexy barefoot beauty

  • Joe

    #14 You are doing it right. Hooah and KCCO.

    #18 As though a super-cute chick getting all scruffy in defense of my liberty isn't hawt. Bite your tongue.

  • Jman

    #46 thats funny cause my unit would love to see your tush


    #46 KCCO from a loyal A's fan. Thank You!

  • Bisco

    Thank you to all of you serving to protect us. I am truly grateful. Come home safely – KCCO!

  • Bisco

    #36 & #46 – I would love to show my gratitude for your service; trying to KCCO

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