Hot Right Now: Shut up and take my money (15 Photos)

Don’t underestimate the girls of golf (20 Photos)

And in case you missed Tiger whoopin’ up on Shaq, check out the video below.

 Dont underestimate the girls of golf (20 Photos)
a Dont underestimate the girls of golf (20 Photos)

  • Bob

    I hate golf

    • jean.

      *use to

    • skwee

      Oh yeah, well golf hates you too

    • Dick Salad

      Can't afford the green fee bro?

    • akbrown006

      How can you hate golf:
      You're welcome for changing your mind for you.

      • JDB85

        I now love golf… Thank you.

    • Dirty_Dingus

      These girls make up for all the other female golfers, who look like….well, female golfers.

    • Big Dick Face Glazer

      thats cause you are a faggot

  • jean.

    #18 This should be the official golf uniform.

    • Easterner



      I wouldn't want to see John Daly in that…

    • akbrown006

      I'd be caddy.

      • jean.

        I'll call you caddy 😉

        • akbrown006

          This is taking friendzone to a whole new level.

          • Bored

            Why don't you two take this over to

  • drbman

    #6! wow hole in 1 !!!

    • Joe

      That's Natalie Gulbis. She appeared in body paint only for this years Swimsuit Issue. Very hot!

      • C Dub

        Butterface! I attending a clinic she put on and she had as much makeup as Tammy Faye on. But holy crap – she has in insane pooper and legs. For the non-believers, I have a photo with her to prove it.

        • Chivacy Please

          Wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers….even if crackers was my dog.

  • CaNaDaaa

    Where are these? Its all old men on the courses I goto….

  • Tiger

    Who is #7?

    • SuperDanMan4290

      Don't Know…but Can the Chive get #7 in HD?? <3<3<3<3 🙂


    • Dunny_

      I think her name is Maria Verchenova…found her while looking up Betriz Recari #3

    • Chiver

      Maria Verchenova

    • CaNaDaaa

      I see what you did there

  • Ty-Ty

    Bra's…………..BURN THEM!

  • LucretiusCarus

    #10 and #18 Insert witty comment about knowing how to work a shaft here.

    #19 Is there something in this pic to do with golf?

    • Groggy

      #19 I'm just wondering where those golf balls fell out of…

      Actually, I'm pretty sure I know.

  • jarrett

    Chive golf open in Chicago this summer???

    • Woody

      Where are you from? no homo…

    • USAF

      I'd drive to CHI for this…

      • Really?

        Why wouldn't you fly?

  • N8tiveT3ch

    Where is Paula Creamer?

    • Unfkngblvbl

      ^^^^porn name?

  • Woody

    70's and sunny in Chicago…who wants to tee it up? I'll buy the first round (of Beer)

  • AmBush_Steve

    Any of you ladies need to borrow my club?

  • Jared S

    #12 and #17 i used to be a girls of soccer fan then…

    • chronicLSD

      natalie gulbis!!

  • Roger Dodger

    can we please do a Natalie Gulbis post????

    • Dunny_

      Half this post is Natalie Gulbis. Which is disappointing.

    • Joe

      Go to Sports Illustrated….She appears in body paint only in the swimsuit issue and a bunch on the website.

    • Sparky

      You're joking right? This was the Natalie Gulbis post. #4 #5 #6 #8 #9 #12 #17

    • mike

      we need some sophie horn in this

  • rAs

    "What the fuck is this?"
    "Obviously you're not a golfer."

    • Jenny


    • Dirtball09

      Nice marmont

  • USAF

    Sophie Sandolo isn't here either. Google her. NSFW pictures.

  • Jeff

    Yeah, I'd go for a tap in on #12.


    I would love to get some golf lessons from #19

  • Swamp1983

    if they can create a lingerie football league then they can do the same for any other sport please.

  • Epitomizer

    Holy Shit Man!
    #6 #12 #13 #19

  • apollo

    #4, #5, #6, #8, #9, #12, and #17
    Sooo, Natalie Gulbis and like 4 other girls posing with golf clubs?

    • Eastwood

      And Blair O'Neal #1

      Wouldn't have hurt to throw some Carling Coffing pictures in here either.

  • Mike

    #18 whattup?

  • Anonymous

    #12 is the reason to watch the LPGA!!!

  • destry

    Women's golf is an oxymoron.

  • Bustanut

    I love all of these bitches, would like to anal penetrations with them.

  • @economistnick

    #12 is the reason to watch the LPGA.

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